Screaming in Sweden

June 25, 2009, 11:06 am
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i had an almost obsessive interest in collecting owls in every shapes and colours many years back when i was still in school. my interest for everything owl-ish kinda waned after i moved to melbourne in 2000 (wow freakin nine years ago!)

yesterday i saw a t-shirt with an owl on it and i instantly became really fascinated with the print. owls are so freakin cool. supercool. it looks almost a person with wings and a beak. and some feathers…





and here’s a picture of me and my friend posing with some so-called exotic birds at the bird park in kuala lumpur. i had two owls of different species on me (i felt so excited then!).

one with the bushiest eyebrows and one with the cutest face!


i wanna take them home!

and then i would buy this tree bed and let them sleep in the cute little nest on top :)


pretty owl pictures come from:
The Owl in front of an abandoned House , vellumminous rex , great gray owl , owl teaparty! , little red riding owl and hedgehog