Screaming in Sweden

About me

I do miss home but I’m happy living in Sweden. I’m also very happy with my sambo, Anders, who thinks I’m crazy for the choice of the blogtitle but adores me despite that. Happy with my job and home in Helsingborg, Skåne, south of Sweden, though the weather could be warmer. Currently I’m saving for a pug, working on the Skodelicious project, and attending salsa and painting lessons.

I was in Paris for a short vacation (thus the picture above) and sadly realised that I could never learn to speak French properly. My Swedish is progressing though.

I love my food hot and spicy, and my drinks strong and fruity. My new love is painting, and I enjoy writing, shopping, cooking, taking photographs, collecting stuff like skirts, ribbons, and buttons, and I love traveling, and I dislike doing dishes and laundry.

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