Screaming in Sweden

Hello you.
June 5, 2009, 11:31 am
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Hiya, I hope you’re still around :)

Here are some of things I did during the past 7 weeks :)

I spent some time with my family visiting from KL.

I had them say hello to me :)

We went to the botanical garden in Göteborg and took pictures of pretty flowers.

My mom (and papa too!)  loved the cherry blossom trees.

We drove past Varberg on the way back and I was glad we did!

We found a door leading to Narnia, of course…

Oh and we were also in Örebro and took the obligatory photo of the Örebro Castle.

I got married once more there, too.

Just in case.



February 26, 2009, 5:10 pm
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dear hamburg,

you’re quite a city.

quite a stubborn city with pride i would say.

you’ve been through so much. it’s really hard to imagine how much you’ve been through. looking at your pictures from the past during the war makes me think of how proud you must be today.

you were totally destroyed. you were left with nothing. and i didn’t even have a clue. how could i miss you?

today you adamantly keep the old facades and half-destroyed buildings and make them into tourist attractions. you build new buildings next to the old ones and make them work so well together.

you even have a night club in a ww2 bunker?

you are really a city of contrast.

i secretly love the fact you seem not to bother by the graffiti…. layers and layers of graffiti.

and that’s why i love schanze the most of all places i see of you, hamburg. schanze feels rough yet so snugly somehow with all the graffiti on the pale houses.

and i love schanze because schanze has the coziest restaurants with great wallpapers.

it’s true that that i love schanze.

and maybe a little reeperbahn. you have the most colourful nightlife.

… which makes you a little saturated when i step outside.

you are really a city of contrast.

it’s true that i love schanze, and maybe reeperbahn.

but i still could not decide whether i love or hate you, hamburg.

you’re an acquired taste i think.

i would love to see you again.


ps: … although i would have loved you if it did not rain the whole time i was there ;)

23.12.2008 to 28.12.2008
January 8, 2009, 8:57 pm
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This is how I spent my Christmas holidays. Our little honeymoon. In Koh Lanta, Thailand.

Beach, beach, beach.

We ate crabs, prawns, squids and drank chang beers, mai tais, pina coladas, sweet martinis.

We played with the cutest monkey in the world…

Rode an elephant.

And the nights were filled with fire and lights.

Love Thailand.

Prague where I found Rosy Lips Mister Quin
October 14, 2008, 9:31 pm
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It’s really sad that I don’t have time to blog as much as I like anymore. It’s been like months ago since last time. But I guess people get lazy… who is reading my blog anyway. My hope of becoming a superstar in the blogging world has not come true after three years so I guess it won’t ever come true *sighs*

But I still believe that one should keep dreaming anyway *winks*

Today we got bad news at work and it sucks. It sucks so bad that I think I will just keep on dreaming…

of Prague perhaps… that pretty little Prague.

Lots of beers, grumpy Czech people, and pretty buildings that look like lollies and cakes and everything sweet…

I think people should really paint their houses in pastel colours! I would. So pretty and lovely it makes you nice and warm inside by just looking at it. Like how I feel when I look at this little Czech marionette I brought home.

Apparently he is Harlequin, the comic servant from Italy. But I think I’d like to call him Rosy Lips Mister Quin. Tacky but true – his lips are rosy and also he’s holding a cute little red rose of course.

I hope I’ll dream of Rosy Lips Mister Quin tonight… and pretty edible houses.

That would really make my day.

Dear my precious little blog
July 7, 2008, 10:36 pm
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I know I haven’t written to you for a while, my precious little blog.

You certainly deserve more attention than you do now, and if it would make you feel any better, I really do feel bad not visiting you more often lately.

You’d be happy to know that we went on a little trip about a month ago. We went to Amsterdam in June. I love the city so so so much. You would too. It’s just so PRETTY. So inspiring. The canals. The narrow houses with white windows. The boats and the boathouses with leather sofas. This picture says it all.

We stayed with our good friends Kim and Virginie who have printed their names in a font which I would describe as “indecent”… hehe They are very lovely of course. You’d love them too.

We ate poffertjes. Tiny puffy pancakes which were very sweet and yummy.

and drank really good Belgian beer (I thought it was Dutch but that doesn’t really matter now)…

In order to burn the calories from drinking too much good beers, we walked and ran around the city quite a lot… I ran up and down every stairs I saw like a 5-year-old.

We did not cycle, as I ahem! preferred to walk… but many others did.

Then while waiting for our food in Chinatown, we saw these cute little ladies in red and purple.

While we were on a boat tour, we were stunned to see the pirates! (blurry pic due to me shaking in fear of course). You know how much I hate pirates don’t you.

As luck would have it, we got away from the pirates unharmed.

These guys below are dressed in orange because the Dutch were to play their first eurocup match the day after. It was sad they did not win. They were very excited about the game. Pubs were buying free beers for every Dutch goal. The tall guy on the right is supposed to be the young Rembrandt.

Then we went to The Hague. There is a wonderful beach there. It’s called Scheveningen.

Van Gogh painted a picture of it when he was there in 1882. This painting was stolen in 2002 and it has yet to be seen again. :(

The beach was beautiful and somewhat majestic but there was another reason I insisted on going to The Hague (we were debating between Utrecht and The Hague). If you have paid enough attention, you’d remember I once told you about this girl I was dying to meet.

I met her.

The Mona Lisa of the North. I saw her and the dream I thought would never come true came true. *s*

I couldn’t be happier, or so I thought.

We went to see this man two days after.

And it was the most inspiring day of my life!

He gave me a fresh breath of life. Just like you do, sometimes. *w*

I just love Amsterdam.

KL shopping for beginners
March 6, 2008, 6:45 pm
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So I have been really busy lately telling people about how my trip in Malaysia went and sharing tips and stuff like that.

I have had enough of repeating myself.

*pulls hair out*

Over and over again.

So let me document my tips on shopping and eating out in the KooLest city in the world here.

To start with, shopping malls.

Where you can find almost everything. From pink frilly knickers with hearts all over it to shower curtains with purple elephant prints.

– One Utama
– Mid Valley Megamall / Gardens
– Pavillion
– Sungei Wang
– Suria KLCC

Great shopping area with nice little boutiques.

– Sri Hartamas
– Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

Flea markets.

– The Curve (Saturdays and Sundays)
– Mont Kiara (Sundays)
– China Town

Eating out the Malaysian way.

– Sri Hartamas Square
– SS2, Petaling Jaya (wai sek kai in Cantonese)
– Jalan Alor
– Jalan Ipoh (nice dim sum)
– Pantai Seafood
– a Tom Yum restaurant in Damansara Perdana has the spiciest Tom Yum in the world *yum*
– and not forgetting the Mamak stalls (though I won’t go there myself LOL)

Note that if you’re a Swede looking for authentic home cooked Swedish food in Malaysia, you’d be happy to know more about a restaurant called Puzzini. They have the best Tom Yum pizza in the world.


PS: Tom Yum is really not a Malaysian dish. I just can’t stop thinking about it today *s*

Back to my capitalistic lifestyle
January 31, 2008, 12:05 pm
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I’ve made it!

Yep. I am doing exactly what I’ve imagined I’d be doing –

Sitting at Starbucks Coffee with my little companion, blogging.

But of course I have forgotten that not every country has this high-tech 10 Mbits connection… I was only going to upload 20 photos (probably 1-2MB each), and so far 3 are uploaded since I was here about 75 minutes ago.


*pulls hair out*

And I really want to show those pictures I took while I was flying… I did not sleep at all but ate like five meals within 20 hours.

By the way, my mom called me chubby!!!

Anyway, it was very early in the morning when we arrived at Hong Kong. I was so amazed with what I saw through the window. There were clouds above and below the sun… it was soooooo so beautiful. It made me open my mouth to the two most boring Korean girls in the whole world who sat besides me. I had just got to tell someone.

And all I got was some nod.

So now I am here in this silly capitalistic country. Perhaps I’ve been too long in Sweden, I’m a little overwhelmed by how much stuff you can get here. I have already bought a wee bit too much. All pressies, of course. Not sure how much I have to bribe the check-in guy at the airport this time. Heh.

It’s great because I don’t know what’s left in my bank.

How exciting.
Let’s see when I get back.
Let’s see how chubby I’d get when I get back.