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simon arne
June 23, 2009, 12:44 am
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I’m a little obsessed with Simon Arne‘s work right now. He’s an artist from Höganäs (a little town 20km from where I live)… I’m not exactly sure how famous he is really. But it really doesn’t matter, I think he rocks!


I mean who wouldn’t want to live with a quirky looking cat like animal with blue eyes in the living room?

Here are some of his paintings hanging in a cozy little cafe in Mölle… I got so excited when I saw them! Quirky men in patterned t-shirts surrounded by cool cat like animals with blue eyes!


Simon Arne said he was inspired to paint dots or fill up space with dots after he went for an eye examination ten years ago where he got to see lots of dots! 



Looooove this…


Inspired by an eye examination… I wish he would paint more! And I wish I had thought of that when I had my eyes checked two months ago…

Check him out.


Hello you.
June 5, 2009, 11:31 am
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Hiya, I hope you’re still around :)

Here are some of things I did during the past 7 weeks :)

I spent some time with my family visiting from KL.

I had them say hello to me :)

We went to the botanical garden in Göteborg and took pictures of pretty flowers.

My mom (and papa too!)  loved the cherry blossom trees.

We drove past Varberg on the way back and I was glad we did!

We found a door leading to Narnia, of course…

Oh and we were also in Örebro and took the obligatory photo of the Örebro Castle.

I got married once more there, too.

Just in case.


söder, helsingborg
March 31, 2009, 7:46 pm
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söder (which literally means south) where i live has always got a bit of a bad reputation in helsingborg. they say it’s the wrong side of the city. life is rougher, tougher and wilder here than the other side. all bad things happen on this side.

most people i know living on the north side have never been to any restaurants or shops in söder besides max hamburgare which is the swedish mcdonalds and the cinema. that is as far as people seem to get in söder.

people always look a bit surprised whenever i tell them about the nice restaurant called shiraz that serves the best bakad potatis med skagenröra (baked potato with creamy prawn thingy) in the whole wide world. or about the best pizza restaurant in helsingborg called choice. well, i would say the only decent pizza restaurant in sweden really.

it’s a bit sad. i mean the people. the fact that söder has got a bit of a bad reputation. not the pizza *s* hmm. maybe the pizza, too.

the thing is i love söder. one day i went out because the sun was shining and i only saw the söder i loved.

it looks a bit like these…




friday afterwork
February 27, 2009, 1:00 pm
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it’s friday and maybe we’ll get a couple of beers after work.

my friday afterwork usually starts a nice drink at dahlberg with a pretty funky girl, lisa ;)

and it looks a bit like this.

ps: hanging out with a pretty girl may earn you free drinks and even crème brûlée ;)

love fridays!

love and light
February 26, 2009, 12:35 am
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dear my precious little blog,

i haven’t written to you for a while and i want you know that i think of you all the time. i know this is a bit of an old news, but i just want to tell you about this cute little event called love and light which took place in helsingborg last week.

love and light. such a lovely idea to light up the winter sky. the city was scattered with cute love messages like “come dancing” and “do you wanna make out”. and light displays like colourful rainbow and very green trees, disco lights, big kisses, and pretty chandeliers in transparent glass balls hanging from the trees…

and i thought you would like to see my favourite – hearts circling the mäster palms place near where i live.


i think every city should have a bit of love and light some time.


Lucy and Earl
November 25, 2008, 11:46 pm
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I love baking but it just takes too much time. Last Sunday, my friends Oliver and Emelie were visiting so I decided to bake lussekatter. Lussekatter are Swedish saffron flavored buns. It’s the thing you eat in December while anticipating for Christmas. Lusse comes from Saint Lucia and Katter means cats. Not sure why cats.

So here I am rolling the dough in a shape of a cat’s tail (perhaps that explains the cats bit).


and here I am trying to form a heart but it ends up looking like a cute little fetus. Reminds me of Alien.


The traditional shape looks like the letter S but I like my saffron buns in many twisted varieties. I think they taste better like that. I also put an extra raisin on each and every bun. I like raisins.


This one looks like a teddy bear or a puppy who lost its ears.


The Swedes like their lussekatter with a glass of milk. Perhaps with a piece of gingersnap too. I like my buns simply with a cup of hot tea.


Perfect winter breakfast.



hi Ai, this update is for you *winks winks*
you need:
1 gram saffron
0.5 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon non-flavoured spirits (such as vodka)
50 gram yeast
175 gram butter
5 deciliter milk
1.5 deciliter syrup/sugar
1 egg
ca 1 kilogram flour
unit converter 
– soak saffron in spirit (leave for 30 mins).
– crumble yeast into large mixing bowl.
– melt butter, add milk, saffron-spirit and syrup.
– cool it down to room temperature.
– add beaten egg.
– pour mixture on yeast.
– stir.
– add flour.
– knead dough.
– cover dough with towel.
– leave for 30 minutes.
– form dough into shapes you like. *w*
– cover dough and leave for 30 minutes.
– preheat oven to 225°
– brush bun with beaten egg.
– bake until golden (7-8 minutes if small ones like mine).
good luck!! 

The Kakklubb Philosophy
May 19, 2008, 11:13 pm
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This kakklubb thing is getting on my nerves. Kakklubb literally means cake club. You see kak is from the word kaka which means cake (cookie), but according to a Swede I know, it can also mean to poo.


That aside, Swedish people are shy. The myth that they are reserved is no longer a myth to me. Swedish people may defend that. They are just being polite they say, or they respect other people’s privacy. Or they prefer to check the water temperature before jumping into it.

Moreover, Swedish people are robotic. Like a bunch of non-verbal androids working diligently at a space station. They like timetables, agendas, lists of things, processes, rules and regulations, schedules, plans, itinerary, bullet points…

Swedish people are so shy and robotic that they need to have a freakin k.a.k.k.l.u.b.b at work. The idea of a kakklubb is to eat cake, in a fair and just way. Every member gives and takes equally. Members take turn to bake cake and then bring the cake to work so that they can have coffee and cake with the rest in the club. Non-members are therefore not allowed to eat the cake (because they don’t contribute).

Members also get a reminder when it is their turn to bake.



Swedish people create a by-invitation-only-club to document how they could show kindness to one another without giving more than they get back.


Fairly robotic enough.

The creative photo by Lisa Kettell