Screaming in Sweden

i’m a cyborg, but that’s ok
April 16, 2009, 10:49 pm
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this is the most vibrant and the loveliest movie i’ve ever seen. so lovely it’s full of beautiful colours and the soundtrack is just wonderful.

i love it so much i can watch it again and again and it will make me so happy. it’s a little nutty… offbeat kinda humor… a bit alice in the wonderland and it sort of reminds me of the book – veronica decides to die.

i just love how it combines the happy orchestrated tunes to some “terminator” type of scenes… the plot is rarely predictable and it’s so full of wacky imagination and childlike fantasy and it makes you feel like you wanna be one of those crazy happy people living in the greenish bluish pinkish turquoise mental institution…


the main character young-goon thinks she’s a cyborg.

red younggoon

robot young goon


soon she meets a boy called il-soon who likes wearing masks and he thinks he can grow smaller and smaller until he becomes a dot. 




and he sports a bizarre hairdo (psst… he’s also a “thief”…)


and then they grow to like each other.





he makes her this happy…



i mean he is korean and he yodels. enjoy this little masterpiece :)


a very beautiful vampire film
March 23, 2009, 5:21 pm
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oh i love this film so much.

it’s the most beautiful vampire film i’ve ever seen so far. not that i watch lots of vampire films but it’s got to be the most beautiful vampire film in the world.

thought it was going to be really scary and gory and bloody and all, but it’s just so beautifully made.

and i love the love story between these two.  so innocent, so genuine.


love the photography, the melancholy mood, the 80’s setting…




Now go watch the film now.

Please help me find Hotel Chevalier
March 18, 2008, 2:42 pm
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I’m dying to watch this short film.

Since I am absolutely in love with Darjeeling Limited.

Does anyone know where I can download Hotel Chevalier?

I could not find it at iTunes Store *sobs*