Screaming in Sweden

but all i need is love.
January 9, 2010, 3:53 pm
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dear my wonderful readers out there,

it seems like ages ago since i was last here. and i am so happy to see that you are still around. i have not been away. i have not gotten sick of writing. but i just want to take a little break. a short break. or a long break. i am just kind of running out of time.

this is perhaps a little pretentious. or sick. or bizarre. but i feel like i need to switch everything off for while. the lights. the tv. the computer. the phone. and learn to listen again. and see.

without anyone or anything. 

i want to learn to listen and see again. with my heart. only.



little me
June 12, 2009, 12:07 am
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my day has been uninspiring. i feel kinda bored. i feel like i have been sitting down for too long.

and i am restless! i wanna go everywhere – amsterdam, new york, paris, melbourne, bali… i wanna leave desperately. but i don’t know where. or why.

sometimes when i feel like i’m the only person in this world who is alone. isolated from the whole wide world. like being trapped in a tiny bubble.

and sometimes i feel like i have the most sensitive heart. i laugh and i cry. forever.


Hello you.
June 5, 2009, 11:31 am
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Hiya, I hope you’re still around :)

Here are some of things I did during the past 7 weeks :)

I spent some time with my family visiting from KL.

I had them say hello to me :)

We went to the botanical garden in Göteborg and took pictures of pretty flowers.

My mom (and papa too!)  loved the cherry blossom trees.

We drove past Varberg on the way back and I was glad we did!

We found a door leading to Narnia, of course…

Oh and we were also in Örebro and took the obligatory photo of the Örebro Castle.

I got married once more there, too.

Just in case.


partying could lead to some pretty funky finds.
April 15, 2009, 9:25 pm
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like when we found our twins!




so happy to find my twin i couldn’t sleep that night.


love parties.

love party twins.


ps. thanks lisa for the photos!

sengkuku and his brown envelope
April 9, 2009, 12:30 pm
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we call him sengkuku.

sengkuku is my mother’s younger brother. he is really the best and the sweetest uncle one can ever ask for. that is a fact. really. he is a little eccentric and he is often obsessed with things. he is an artist you see *w*

he likes telling stories, he likes plants like cattails (i love them too!) and water lilies and i have a feeling that he likes ferns too. he collects things like wooden furniture and he likes to decorate his place with cats and owls.

when i was younger, we used to visit sengkuku quite a lot. one time, i remembered admiring his collection of what seemed like thousands of glass containers and bottles of all kinds at his house at jalan tempinis, bangsar.

it has sort of stuck in my mind since then. i still have a thing for any jar or bottle made of glass. i clean the jam jars so i can use it for other stuff like storing cutips and makeup remover pads and cleaning my art brushes. i buy marmalade because of i adore the jars.

another thing that stuck in my mind when i think of sengkuku is a brown envelope he showed me once. he used to collect cutouts from magazines and newspapers with ads which he loves and put them in that worn brown envelope. On the envelope, handwritten using a regular black pen, it read “Great ads”. 

my brown envelope is still empty. i hope i will be able to show my envelope and its contents to my niece or nephew one day and they will remember it like the way i remember sengkuku’s brown envelope.

sengkuku is one of the most inspiring persons i know and he inspires me to think and be creative at everything i do in countless many ways which make me the person i am today.

and he has just started a “blog“.

i think everyone should have a sengkuku in their life.


dinner so good you wanna eat it again and again.
April 2, 2009, 12:30 pm
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the ingredients:

– pasta sheets

– bolognese sauce (minced meat and tomato)

– ricotta mixed with sun-dried tomatoes

– spinach

– béchamel sauce (basic white sauce)

– some grated parmesan cheese

– salt and peppar

i’m not sure how they make the “real” lasagne, but i think we can all be a little creative sometimes. so do alternate layers of these ingredients (pick your favourites or use them all!), bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 200°C, and you’ll have your very own lasagne! :)

so good you wanna eat it again and again.

here’s mine:

ta daa…

ciao :)

söder, helsingborg
March 31, 2009, 7:46 pm
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söder (which literally means south) where i live has always got a bit of a bad reputation in helsingborg. they say it’s the wrong side of the city. life is rougher, tougher and wilder here than the other side. all bad things happen on this side.

most people i know living on the north side have never been to any restaurants or shops in söder besides max hamburgare which is the swedish mcdonalds and the cinema. that is as far as people seem to get in söder.

people always look a bit surprised whenever i tell them about the nice restaurant called shiraz that serves the best bakad potatis med skagenröra (baked potato with creamy prawn thingy) in the whole wide world. or about the best pizza restaurant in helsingborg called choice. well, i would say the only decent pizza restaurant in sweden really.

it’s a bit sad. i mean the people. the fact that söder has got a bit of a bad reputation. not the pizza *s* hmm. maybe the pizza, too.

the thing is i love söder. one day i went out because the sun was shining and i only saw the söder i loved.

it looks a bit like these…