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a retired old lady with a plug
July 29, 2009, 10:27 am
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a while ago i received an email at work from a lady who was having problems with her printer.

she wrote:

I am a retired old lady, and have trouble with my hp office jet p40 scanning text. I do not have a business, just my personal use. Any help you can give me will be appreciated. :)

i thought that was really so cute! i got so inspired by her email that i’ve started working on a series of  drawings… a supercute retired old lady doing (trying to do) things connected to power plugs…

sorry about the image quality…  i need to get a better scanner!


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Funny! I came across your blog from writeindenmark..

The building your IKEA furniture looks like u r chopping it up! :-)


Comment by ZQ Travel

Haha i love it to bits!

Comment by Dewi

Wow! A talented lady!
Keep on to be inspired, we get more drawing from you. That is really Nice!

Your fan

Comment by huckseng

lol That is priceless!

Comment by MissZilch (formerly Daduck)

Funny! I liked them a lot :)

Comment by Tobias Eltebrandt

thanks everyone :) love you all.

Comment by lingon

These are great – and weirdly enough, could be about my Grandma. She is awesome – she Skypes, and texts and plays scrabble online with old people (or maybe young people, but I like to imagine them all as little old people) all over the world.

Comment by Claire

I can´t stop laughing

Comment by nevyprofilovana

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