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the little me in me wanna grow bigger
June 13, 2009, 6:23 pm
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well a while ago i said i was working on a painting of this old man…

it’s kinda finished now… 

i really love the colours and i’m so proud with how the jacket turns out although i’m not completely satisfied with the other things – the lips and the hair and the beard and the face. but i really don’t think i will ever be completely satisfied.

i am just an amateur so give me really good constructive criticism now. i will not accept anything else ;)



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i think your brush strokes, and the way you mix colour by layering is beautiful.

i’ve been meaning to start painting again for the past year, and just picked up my brush for the first time in a long time – on monday.

you have inspired me.

Comment by John

John – thanx for the very sweet comment. it makes me really happy! ;)

Comment by lingon

you´re incredibly talented

Comment by nevyprofilovana

I´ve put your picture on my blog, is it ok for you? I´ve written of course, that its from you and your blog!

Comment by nevyprofilovana

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