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sengkuku and his brown envelope
April 9, 2009, 12:30 pm
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we call him sengkuku.

sengkuku is my mother’s younger brother. he is really the best and the sweetest uncle one can ever ask for. that is a fact. really. he is a little eccentric and he is often obsessed with things. he is an artist you see *w*

he likes telling stories, he likes plants like cattails (i love them too!) and water lilies and i have a feeling that he likes ferns too. he collects things like wooden furniture and he likes to decorate his place with cats and owls.

when i was younger, we used to visit sengkuku quite a lot. one time, i remembered admiring his collection of what seemed like thousands of glass containers and bottles of all kinds at his house at jalan tempinis, bangsar.

it has sort of stuck in my mind since then. i still have a thing for any jar or bottle made of glass. i clean the jam jars so i can use it for other stuff like storing cutips and makeup remover pads and cleaning my art brushes. i buy marmalade because of i adore the jars.

another thing that stuck in my mind when i think of sengkuku is a brown envelope he showed me once. he used to collect cutouts from magazines and newspapers with ads which he loves and put them in that worn brown envelope. On the envelope, handwritten using a regular black pen, it read “Great ads”. 

my brown envelope is still empty. i hope i will be able to show my envelope and its contents to my niece or nephew one day and they will remember it like the way i remember sengkuku’s brown envelope.

sengkuku is one of the most inspiring persons i know and he inspires me to think and be creative at everything i do in countless many ways which make me the person i am today.

and he has just started a “blog“.

i think everyone should have a sengkuku in their life.



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I also remembered a cute three years old girl. She likes to watch me doing my homework (drawing). She just stood there without making noise until I finished. Thanks for being the first one to write about me. Blush!

Comment by huckseng

Yes, you are right, Sengkuku is my kindest brother, and the richest in giving love. He gave many gifts to Lingyi and Chun Foong, esp erasers, books, etc. We used to visit him, he took photos (film-type), processed them and passed them to me. I keep and treasure these pictures. Partly, our many visits arise from his many parties, he likes to hold parties, busy himself to cook specialities nowadays, chicken pies, mushroom soup. Even, my sis-in-law and her daughters adore him during their recent trip hom from Perth, and they like his house, too. He will buy gifts and celebrate Christmas, New Year and many other occasions. I am very happy that Lingyi remembers all these minute things in life — I never realise I have done her a great favour as I enjoy visiting bro, too. Our effort, Brother’s and mine has paid off.

Comment by phaik see

Hey bro Huckseng looks diff in this pic. Ur nic name is sengkuku. Hrrmm its sounds like San go ku to me.

Comment by G-Unit

Ya…your seng kuku is good at mushroom soup and chicken pie but we can’t just have them at all his party right. So i have suggested he to master some new recipes like tiramisu , siew long pau, la mien etc. I think it will not take long for him to try his hands on these new oriental stuff, ha ha ha do you agree? Soon the next time when you are back home here, you will get to taste seng kuku ‘s very own oriental specialties! Take care!

Comment by annette

thanks for your comments :)

hey annette – if siew long pau and la mien are served at sengkukus place i’ll fly back home immediately. i love oriental food! :)

Comment by lingon

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