Screaming in Sweden

dinner so good you wanna eat it again and again.
April 2, 2009, 12:30 pm
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the ingredients:

– pasta sheets

– bolognese sauce (minced meat and tomato)

– ricotta mixed with sun-dried tomatoes

– spinach

– béchamel sauce (basic white sauce)

– some grated parmesan cheese

– salt and peppar

i’m not sure how they make the “real” lasagne, but i think we can all be a little creative sometimes. so do alternate layers of these ingredients (pick your favourites or use them all!), bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 200°C, and you’ll have your very own lasagne! :)

so good you wanna eat it again and again.

here’s mine:

ta daa…

ciao :)


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hahahhah! you gave me an idea what to cook for tomorrow. makes me wants to eat those lasagna now. (drolling)

Comment by Ai

Yummy! I have friend who work at the famous Italiannies now, he cooked Pomodoro with angel noodle. It taste so good! Best paste I’ve ever eaten. I will invite him to cook for you when you here. Ahh…you will see in my future blog..ha ha..they need to line up after Bangkok Pattaya fever over. lol

Comment by huckseng

mmmm it sounds yummy. never had angel noodle before. i’ll take that as a date! ;)

Comment by lingon

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