Screaming in Sweden

söder, helsingborg
March 31, 2009, 7:46 pm
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söder (which literally means south) where i live has always got a bit of a bad reputation in helsingborg. they say it’s the wrong side of the city. life is rougher, tougher and wilder here than the other side. all bad things happen on this side.

most people i know living on the north side have never been to any restaurants or shops in söder besides max hamburgare which is the swedish mcdonalds and the cinema. that is as far as people seem to get in söder.

people always look a bit surprised whenever i tell them about the nice restaurant called shiraz that serves the best bakad potatis med skagenröra (baked potato with creamy prawn thingy) in the whole wide world. or about the best pizza restaurant in helsingborg called choice. well, i would say the only decent pizza restaurant in sweden really.

it’s a bit sad. i mean the people. the fact that söder has got a bit of a bad reputation. not the pizza *s* hmm. maybe the pizza, too.

the thing is i love söder. one day i went out because the sun was shining and i only saw the söder i loved.

it looks a bit like these…





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Where is Shiraz ? You’re right Söder does need to be explored by most people.
Miss you, need to have a beer one evening with u Urban and Anders I think…
Be good,
Love Helen.

Comment by Helen

hi helen! shiraz is the one between max and the cinema! :) check ur mail now. u be good too. xoxox

Comment by lingon

I think Helsingborg is definitely a cute town. But of course I haven’t wandered far much from the city center

Comment by the writer

i’ve to try Shiraz one of these days. i’ve never heard of choice too. the only ‘famous’ pizza i know is la pizza. where exactly is choice?

Comment by queen_owl

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