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March 20, 2009, 1:07 pm
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Hey blog,

I’ve got a guest blogger today. My wonderful Mommy.

I came from a poor but happy family of nine, four boys and five girls. I am the fourth member with two brothers and an elder sister. My mom worked very hard to subsidize my dad’s meager earnings of about RM180 monthly. She washed clothes for RM10 a month, cooked and cleaned for a family of six for RM35 a month. As such, my mom could only give us 10 sen daily for food when we go to school and 40 sen for the two-way bus fare from my house in Sungei Bakap to my school in Nibong Tebal which is 4 miles away.

One day, I was mischievous and spent away my 20 sen bus fare for a mixed fruit salad, we called “rojak”. I thought I could quite easily borrow from our kind elderly neighbour whom I called as “Koo kong” (Grandpa). Grandpa worked as a manager at the bus station and he had lent me some money for bus fare on a few occasions in the past. I had always made sure I returned the money when I reached home, although my Mom had advised me not to do so. However, she did not scold me, she was very kind and loving to all of us.

So, on this very day, I thought, “Oh, I will just borrow from Grandpa” after spending my bus fare on rojak. Having enjoyed the rojak very much, I walked happily from school to the bus station which was about 5 km away. Then, to my shock, Grandpa was not there. I was told that he was sick and could not come to work. My young mind started to roll because I did not know anybody else except Grandpa and I dared not speak to anyone. I knew my mom would be very unhappy if I ever borrowed money from strangers.

After a while, I decided to walk home thinking it was not that far anyway. After walking for about an hour under the hot sun, I started to get tired and hot. I began to lose hope that I could walk all the way home which was still a long way to go. I got worried and scared. I started to cry and wail my fate. I prayed and begged for the spirit of my Grandma to save me. I chose Grandma because Dad used to tell me that I resembled my Grandma and he was sure my Grandma would have loved me very much, had she been alive.

I cried and cried but I continued to walk for another half an hour. Suddenly, a man who was cycling stopped his bicycle and asked why I was crying. He was a young Indian man, maybe in his early twenties with a kind face. I told him I did not have any money to take the bus and I had to walk home, miles away. He walked beside me, dragging along his bicycle and told me to stop crying as he could help me. Being so young, I did not actually understand how he could help me but I felt somewhat relieved.

After a while, this man stopped a bus that passed by. The man asked me to get on the bus and he told the bus conductor to take me home. He paid for my bus fare. Probably, as I was still young and in a fright, I had forgotten to thank this kind young man. However, I still remember this man even now after a period of 42 years, I am now 50.


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What a lovely story!

Some people touch our lives in ways they will never fully understand, and there are no words to fully express the gratitude. I’m sure he knew you were thankful, even if you didn’t say so.

Comment by Danielle

Can’t imagine the Indian man turned out to be a bad guy. Kids are innocent in many ways. Prayed that they are always safe and happy no matter how poor their family is.

Comment by huckseng

what an inspiring story of your mom:-)

Comment by Ai

that’s so cool

Comment by shin nee

when God is present our heart will cry and your sharing makes me cry.

Comment by sengteck

IT’s a nice story

Comment by السياحة في ماليزيا

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