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lentils soup for dinner
March 11, 2009, 5:32 pm
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it has been a while since we last cooked together.

i think we should make lentil soup for dinner tonight. 

say hello to the ingredients.

now boil some water in a pot. add the lentils. and cook until they turn yellowish.

while the lentils are cooking, chop some onions and garlic.

heat some butter in another pot, a bigger one. add the onions, garlic, and spices (ground paprika, chili, cinnamon, curry, white pepper) and salt if you like. stir.

when it starts smelling really good in the kitchen, stir in the crushed tomatoes. i like to add some fresh tomatoes so that the soup gets a different mouthfeel or texture. i simply break them apart with my hands. it looks more natural that way.

then stir in the lentils, they should be cooked by now, and add the haricot vert. as much haricot vert as you like.

cover the pot with a lid. cook for about twenty or so minutes.


serve with fresh bread. and a slice of lemon if you like.


yummy? :)



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Yummy! The warm tone of photos are nice too! It is a natural lighting? A Sweden Food?

Comment by huckseng

ahh yummy! don’t you miss Malaysia now? ;)

Comment by Nanie

huckseng – thanks! not really natural lighting, it’s my kitchen lamp! ;) this is indian i think!

nanie – you bet. i miss malaysia too much! the food i mean lol

Comment by lingon

looks great. Would love to try it. Do you know the Swedish name for lentils? I can figure out the Danish name from that :D

Comment by The Writer

lentils = linser (i use the red ones) happy cooking! :)

Comment by lingon

love it!

Comment by Ai

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