Screaming in Sweden

February 26, 2009, 5:10 pm
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dear hamburg,

you’re quite a city.

quite a stubborn city with pride i would say.

you’ve been through so much. it’s really hard to imagine how much you’ve been through. looking at your pictures from the past during the war makes me think of how proud you must be today.

you were totally destroyed. you were left with nothing. and i didn’t even have a clue. how could i miss you?

today you adamantly keep the old facades and half-destroyed buildings and make them into tourist attractions. you build new buildings next to the old ones and make them work so well together.

you even have a night club in a ww2 bunker?

you are really a city of contrast.

i secretly love the fact you seem not to bother by the graffiti…. layers and layers of graffiti.

and that’s why i love schanze the most of all places i see of you, hamburg. schanze feels rough yet so snugly somehow with all the graffiti on the pale houses.

and i love schanze because schanze has the coziest restaurants with great wallpapers.

it’s true that that i love schanze.

and maybe a little reeperbahn. you have the most colourful nightlife.

… which makes you a little saturated when i step outside.

you are really a city of contrast.

it’s true that i love schanze, and maybe reeperbahn.

but i still could not decide whether i love or hate you, hamburg.

you’re an acquired taste i think.

i would love to see you again.


ps: … although i would have loved you if it did not rain the whole time i was there ;)


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Me heart Hamburg too. I could let my shopping devil loose there

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