Screaming in Sweden

February 6, 2009, 5:37 pm
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Not sure why I am one of these people who are obsessed with things…

So as you might have already guessed, I am currently obsessed with freaking



me avocado

There I said it! Feel so much better now. Phew. This week I had avocado sushi for lunch on two different occasions and avocado for dinner almost every day. I would stand by the fridge with my good knife and cut that avocado and peel that silly skin off and then eat it right there and then! My hands would then be covered with green avocado slime and I would lick them clean. Mmmmm. And I would do this again and again. Yeah, I would stop playing Guitar Hero and go eat an avocado in the kitchen. And I think about avocado all the time (I’m thinking of it now!). I am also trying to grow avocado from the seed. I look at it every morning before I go to work. Watch the tiny roots grow.

Grow faster! Grow some leaves and then gimme avocado! I wanna eat it!

I wanna eat that slimy avocado.


yeah I am going nuts. It feels like this avocado obsession has no end… (I’m pretty sure about that!) I love avocado.

mmmm…. yum yum yum.


yeah. i love avocado. i love eating avocado. so damn much. and forever and ever.

*heart shaped seed avocado picture from here. so lovely i wanna eat it!

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your not alone with your love affair with avocado lingon:-D yay! i love to eat avocado so much. Pity i could not eat very good quality avocado here in Poland. heheh! enjoy your love affair with avocado.

Comment by Ai

haha yay! nice to know that you love avocado too! mmmm….

Comment by lingon

Your Ah mah loves to eat too. She was trying to convince my mother to try. It took quite a while for us to figure out what kind of fruit has a wried Cantonese name.Lol
Hey, I obsessed with your writing, short story, any more?

Comment by huckseng

Have not tried the way you eat.You are lucky you have an obsession that is not fattening yet healthy.

Comment by phaiksee

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