Screaming in Sweden

a short story about love
February 4, 2009, 1:07 pm
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The day he left her he mumbled, “I love you so much.”

It had been a cold long day. She slowly got up from her bed and put on her pink slippers. He would say, “Gosh, those are shocking! How on earth could you wear that?”

She stared at her slightly worn out slippers and for the first time she thought he was right. They did look hideous.

She sat down on her bed again, wrapping the sheets around her.
He was still there. Right there in the sheets.

Let go, she thought. Let go, let go, let go. She cried and cried and cried.

She held the sheets so tightly to her until she felt the sheets would cut through her chest. And she cried and cried and cried. But no one came. No one came to embrace her.

Time stood still while she waited for him. She could sense him but no longer would she ever be able to feel him again. No longer would she ever be able to put her arms around him when they woke up at the same time in bed.

She would never again hear him say, “You are so beautiful. I’m a lucky man.”

Every corner in the room reminded her of him. His used socks on the floor, his dog-eared book by his bed lamp, the IKEA bookshelf that he had put together for her, and the huge plant that he disliked so much…

If only she had one more day with him, she would have moved the plant to the other room. She would have bought a new pair of slippers.

She would have told him that she loved him so much too.

She cried and cried and cried until she had no tears left to cry.

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Annette and I almost in tears to read this short story about love. it is sad! We were quiet for a while…We hope the story is not real. You write it so well, you should be a writer. We love your English, so smooth and easy to relate it. I can imagine the picture on this short story. The old dino annette does not how to reply. Lol. We both love it very much. Like a sad song MTV.

Comment by huckseng

Lady in love, it may be a fiction created out of your mind but I do not deny its reality in life. I agree with Huckseng and Annette that it is simple and touching. Sometimes, life is there for us but we waste it away until it is too late. If we said we feel an emptiness in our hearts because there are only one or two persons at home, no chit-chat, etc., we must ask ourselves, did we take intiative to talk to people rather than blaming the other person for not talking to us. Did we respond and listen or are we just not interested in what the other person is talking about? I put it to myself to make my life bright, happy and challenging! I hope to achieve this little wish of mine, I am starting to go out on my own even if I use to lose my way and make many wrong turns, haha

Comment by phaiksee

thanxxx! i wish i had time to write more. and i like the idea of a sad MTV song… comments from all of you mean the world to me.

so precious.
keep reading ;)

Comment by lingon

Hej! What kind of camera do you own? Your photos are wonderful. I’m looking for a new camera and am anxious to hear opinions from active photographers.

Comment by Saga

thanks saga! i wouldn’t say im an active photographer, rather an amateur or a wannabe ;) and i’m definitely learning to take better photos… i use canon eos 450d with standard lens.

Comment by lingon

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