Screaming in Sweden

friday afterwork
February 27, 2009, 1:00 pm
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it’s friday and maybe we’ll get a couple of beers after work.

my friday afterwork usually starts a nice drink at dahlberg with a pretty funky girl, lisa ;)

and it looks a bit like this.

ps: hanging out with a pretty girl may earn you free drinks and even crème brûlée ;)

love fridays!


February 26, 2009, 5:10 pm
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dear hamburg,

you’re quite a city.

quite a stubborn city with pride i would say.

you’ve been through so much. it’s really hard to imagine how much you’ve been through. looking at your pictures from the past during the war makes me think of how proud you must be today.

you were totally destroyed. you were left with nothing. and i didn’t even have a clue. how could i miss you?

today you adamantly keep the old facades and half-destroyed buildings and make them into tourist attractions. you build new buildings next to the old ones and make them work so well together.

you even have a night club in a ww2 bunker?

you are really a city of contrast.

i secretly love the fact you seem not to bother by the graffiti…. layers and layers of graffiti.

and that’s why i love schanze the most of all places i see of you, hamburg. schanze feels rough yet so snugly somehow with all the graffiti on the pale houses.

and i love schanze because schanze has the coziest restaurants with great wallpapers.

it’s true that that i love schanze.

and maybe a little reeperbahn. you have the most colourful nightlife.

… which makes you a little saturated when i step outside.

you are really a city of contrast.

it’s true that i love schanze, and maybe reeperbahn.

but i still could not decide whether i love or hate you, hamburg.

you’re an acquired taste i think.

i would love to see you again.


ps: … although i would have loved you if it did not rain the whole time i was there ;)

love and light
February 26, 2009, 12:35 am
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dear my precious little blog,

i haven’t written to you for a while and i want you know that i think of you all the time. i know this is a bit of an old news, but i just want to tell you about this cute little event called love and light which took place in helsingborg last week.

love and light. such a lovely idea to light up the winter sky. the city was scattered with cute love messages like “come dancing” and “do you wanna make out”. and light displays like colourful rainbow and very green trees, disco lights, big kisses, and pretty chandeliers in transparent glass balls hanging from the trees…

and i thought you would like to see my favourite – hearts circling the mäster palms place near where i live.


i think every city should have a bit of love and light some time.


a thousand splendid suns
February 20, 2009, 12:19 pm
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i read this book about a couple of months ago and i have been wanting to tell you about it.

this is absolutely one of my favourite books in the world. i did not want to finish reading it because i was afraid i would not find a better book. and you know me and my bookmarks. i only use my good bookmarks for the books i love. this one got a good bookmark.

a thousand splendid suns it’s called. by khaled hosseini. the kite runner is probably the most famous book people know of him. i have not read that yet, but will do that as soon as i finish this one which i am reading now.

the story took place in afghanistan.

two women met.

one was known as the revolutionary girl. laila.

the other was called a clumsy little harami by her own mother. harami means bastard in persian. mariam.

and they met at a place where most things are forbidden.

a book about two women who met and endured and loved and hated.

i think you would love this book. very much.

so read it if you haven’t already ;)


February 19, 2009, 5:17 pm
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i have hearts all over my legs nowadays :)

old pink hearts.

hope you like them too.


Pretty in pink
February 11, 2009, 10:28 pm
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i thought i would show you a pair of pink masks which are living on our wall.

they are comic masks and used to live in johor, where they were originally from.

they have gold teeth and red lips.

i think i love them.

February 6, 2009, 5:37 pm
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Not sure why I am one of these people who are obsessed with things…

So as you might have already guessed, I am currently obsessed with freaking



me avocado

There I said it! Feel so much better now. Phew. This week I had avocado sushi for lunch on two different occasions and avocado for dinner almost every day. I would stand by the fridge with my good knife and cut that avocado and peel that silly skin off and then eat it right there and then! My hands would then be covered with green avocado slime and I would lick them clean. Mmmmm. And I would do this again and again. Yeah, I would stop playing Guitar Hero and go eat an avocado in the kitchen. And I think about avocado all the time (I’m thinking of it now!). I am also trying to grow avocado from the seed. I look at it every morning before I go to work. Watch the tiny roots grow.

Grow faster! Grow some leaves and then gimme avocado! I wanna eat it!

I wanna eat that slimy avocado.


yeah I am going nuts. It feels like this avocado obsession has no end… (I’m pretty sure about that!) I love avocado.

mmmm…. yum yum yum.


yeah. i love avocado. i love eating avocado. so damn much. and forever and ever.

*heart shaped seed avocado picture from here. so lovely i wanna eat it!