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reunion dinner
January 27, 2009, 2:46 am
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photo dim sum snack

i woke up reheating some dim sums this morning. it just felt like i needed to have something chinese for breakfast since i spent my reunion dinner drinking three glasses of red wine.

it’s chinese new year today and there is no jiu hoo char, no bak gua, no ang pau.

i think of everyone at home feasting and chatting loudly around the reunion dinner table. 

lau juak they say.

ah ma running around and checking on us worrying that we don’t have enough food on our dinner plates. she is always too busy to sit at the table and eat. mommy eating prawns and fishes and papa asking for more chilis. daniel laughing because i would say something silly.

children in their new clothes anxiously accepting ang paus and mumbling gong xi fa cai to uncles and aunties at the command of their mothers. adults (the women usually) holding generous stack of ang paus in their hands ready to give them out. the rest sitting in the living room munching kueh ka pik also known as love letters and sipping from packets of yeo’s chrysanthemum or bamboo tea.

men gathering outside away from the chaos either smoking cigarettes or playing cards, or both. 

when no one sees us, mommy and i would look inside my ang paus and make mental notes for next year. this is necessary because it is pai seh to receive more than you give.

lau juak. 

that is all i missed today.



for the non-penang-hokkien-readers: jiu hoo char is a nyonya dish of turnips, carrots, pork, dried cuttlefish, mushrooms. bak gua – dried barbeque pork. ang pau also known as lai see – red packets with money inside :) uncles and aunties – how we malaysians refer to everyone older than us. pai seh – also sometimes known as lose face which means embarassing but a bit more than that. lau juak – so merry that you feel the warmth from everyone…


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Happy New Year! I speak Taiwanese or Hokkien:)

Comment by Bluefish

Bluefish – Happy New Year to you too! Hokkien is fun! :)

Comment by lingon

Aiyoyo, your imagination is so vivid and it happened as you have visualised at our CNY reunion dinner. I do miss our secret observation of angpows with you. Daniel cannot remember who gives which angpows and when I asked he said “um chai” (which means don’t know in hokkien)so no mental note for Mom. No so orderly from this year onwards.

Comment by Mom

i miz dimsum and celebrating chinese new yearso much lingon:-) the preggy is craving

Comment by Ai

i hope they have dim sums in poland ;)

Comment by lingon

Nice to read your Reunion Dinner. So much emotion like you were at home this year. I’m sure Sis read with tears at office. All parent miss their children no matter how old they have grown.
I abonbdent Ah mah at Kulim, Phaik Hong’s house. I almost spend my CNY at Penang. Guilty…
I did have a nice and fun CNY. Came back with a Panda eyes ring. Saw Ah Mah happily playing cards with all family members. Including my kids.
I also lepak online at New Town cafe. Thanks God Sungai Bakap finally has a cafe that you can sit for hours. My kids is like found a heaven. We had lunch, tea, dinner on the same table. lol.
Cong Xi, cong Xi

Comment by seng kookoo

Your Dim Sum picture is like from Imagebank, pictures for sales. Nice lighting!

Comment by seng kookoo

hey seng kookoo! nice to see you here too! ;) i wish i could take pictures like that. i got it from here.

Comment by lingon

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