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Keluarga saya
January 21, 2009, 6:35 pm
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*by the way, my new obsession is with poladroid these days (google poladroid and you’ll see why). I have kinda given up on salt and vinegar chips. and sorry for the bad picture quality.*

Let me present to you – my father. Or papa as we call him.


I like this photo a lot. It is so my papa. He does not have many photos where he smiles like that. Or where he stands like that with gloves on *s*

He is not exactly a tall man but he has the biggest heart in the world. He has a million friends which explains why he is a very busy man. He drives his car every day and he finds his way in Kuala Lumpur and neighbouring city Petaling Jaya like nobody’s business. And KL is not exactly an easy city to drive in.

Papa is a smart man. He does not drink at all (not even when we nag him) and he loves fish heads.


And this is my mother. We call her mommy.


I took this photo in February 2008. I like this photo a lot because she looks so lovely in her polka dot top. I like the way she looked down as well.

Mommy is cool, smart, and she laughs like nobody’s business. People who know me would say that I laugh a lot. Just wait till you meet my mommy. She is the champion of all laughter.

Mommy loves to eat, just like me. We recently discover that we even like the same food,  i.e. crabs. I could eat 2 kilos of crabs, so can mommy. Mommy enjoys a glass of wine once in a while. She likes dessert wine. Canadian ice wine is her favourite type of wine. She likes Bailey’s too.

And she will do anything you ask her to do.

Like posing with money *s*


Finally, this is my little brother, Daniel.


I do not own many photos of him. He is camera-shy. I like this photo a lot because he had his hair cut really short for the first time and I think he looked good sporting the new haircut.

Daniel and I grew up having the same interest in languages without knowing it until now. We speak Malay to each other. It’s like we are speaking in codes although others around us do understand Malay.

He studies to become a journalist. And I, being a nerd as I was and am, picked a more practical subject so I could work in front a computer screen all day.

I think Daniel made a smarter choice.

So there you have it.

My family.



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Happy New year lingon! I miz celebrating chinese new year back home:-( oh hey, i love crabs too. heheh! but i can’t find good fresh crab here in wishing to be back home and enjoying eating asian food.

Comment by Ai

hehe, thanks. This blog is precious and meaningful especially to our family. I think you should insert a photo of yourself and Anders who is also one of us.

Comment by Mom

Nice! So fun to read with real things. I wish i can write like u! The pic is so artistic! Gee..I would cry if my kids one day write me this way. I wonder my sis did cry when she read.

Comment by huckseng

No, I didn’t cry but touched. Told friends about it. Your kids are good and kind. You are a lucky dad.

Comment by phaiksee

thanks for all your very sweet comments ;)

Comment by lingon

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