Screaming in Sweden

Misunderstood girls
November 27, 2008, 12:05 pm
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People often misunderstand me because of my way of pronouncing things in Swedish. Also my way of expressing myself. I say things without thinking about the grammar or what I am about to say or if someone would get offended.

My little blog would know. I just say things. I cannot imagine that my little blog could offend anyone particularly the Swedes. Everyone I know knows that I love the Swedes. They are quite an original bunch.

Yeah I love the Swedes. In fact I am living with one. I don’t write as much about the Swedes as I would like to anymore maybe because I guess I am gradually becoming accustomed to them and their way of thinking *winks* But perhaps I should write more about the Swedes anyway. Swedes love reading about how people think of them Swedes. If any Swedish person is offended at my little blog then I must have been misunderstood.

Like these girls…

… only that I am not framed in pretty pale pink.

Yeah I love them. They are very pretty.



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