Screaming in Sweden

Prague where I found Rosy Lips Mister Quin
October 14, 2008, 9:31 pm
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It’s really sad that I don’t have time to blog as much as I like anymore. It’s been like months ago since last time. But I guess people get lazy… who is reading my blog anyway. My hope of becoming a superstar in the blogging world has not come true after three years so I guess it won’t ever come true *sighs*

But I still believe that one should keep dreaming anyway *winks*

Today we got bad news at work and it sucks. It sucks so bad that I think I will just keep on dreaming…

of Prague perhaps… that pretty little Prague.

Lots of beers, grumpy Czech people, and pretty buildings that look like lollies and cakes and everything sweet…

I think people should really paint their houses in pastel colours! I would. So pretty and lovely it makes you nice and warm inside by just looking at it. Like how I feel when I look at this little Czech marionette I brought home.

Apparently he is Harlequin, the comic servant from Italy. But I think I’d like to call him Rosy Lips Mister Quin. Tacky but true – his lips are rosy and also he’s holding a cute little red rose of course.

I hope I’ll dream of Rosy Lips Mister Quin tonight… and pretty edible houses.

That would really make my day.


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I haven’t visited your blog in a while.

It always cheers me up. I am sorry that your work has given you sad news. I wish I could send you a smile to cheer you up the same way your blog does for me. Mr Quin is cool!

In America we have an election tomorrow. Our choices are keeping America prosperous and going forward or pulling back on the throttle and slamming on the brakes. If we chose the second it will be a very sad day for me as I love my country.

So, If you hear from me tomorrow you will know who won. I may need to return for a cup of good cheer from your blog.

By the way are you still screaming?
I’ll check back.
God Bless,

Comment by riggword

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