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Book Mark Haddon tonight
July 17, 2008, 10:39 pm
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It is Thursday and it’s time to do books. *w*

I love books and it has been a while since I do books. And I will do Mark Haddon’s tonight. *W*

He is definitely one of my favourite authors nowadays. Him and Paulo.

I read these two books recently.

You must know the first one already – The curious incident of a dog in the night time – one of the best books in the whole wide world.

This is the kind of book that you want to read over and over again. The kind you want to fall asleep next to, the kind you would only use your best bookmark for.

The kind that keeps you awake.


The story was told by a boy suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome called Christopher Boone. He only knew a happy face and a sad face. Other faces didn’t make sense to him.

He was obsessed with certain things: he was unable to eat anything brown or yellow, different kinds of food touching one another, and so on… 

Strangely I find that comforting to know. How we are all obsessed with certain things.

Like upside-down glasses, towels not folded properly on the rack, wet spoons in food, and all those things not making any sense to anyone but ourselves.

Like Christopher, we scream… quite a bit.



The other one – A spot of bother – is just too good. I almost did not want to finish reading it. I kept myself away from the book for weeks before I read the last chapter.

(Book cried: Read me, read me! But I pretended I did not hear…)

This is the kind of book that makes you feel so awful thinking about that you couldn’t read it any longer because you are coming to the end of the story. Also the kind that you would only use your best bookmark for.

Not the kind that keeps you awake but the kind that leaves you wanting more.


It was about an old man named George who would have to kill himself. He began to lose his mind. At the same time, his daughter was getting married to a wrong guy, his wife was shagging his friend, his son was gay.

So George would have to be distracted and came up with a plan.

The book is funny, witty, tragic, dramatic, dull, pathetic, tired, and strange at times… It is no fairytale.

I love fairytales and I love this book. Mark is a genius.

It’s really just a story about a tired old man who’s going crazy. Who doesn’t enjoy reading that?



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I love books too but I never have the time to read them.:(

Comment by bluefish

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