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Dear my precious little blog
July 7, 2008, 10:36 pm
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I know I haven’t written to you for a while, my precious little blog.

You certainly deserve more attention than you do now, and if it would make you feel any better, I really do feel bad not visiting you more often lately.

You’d be happy to know that we went on a little trip about a month ago. We went to Amsterdam in June. I love the city so so so much. You would too. It’s just so PRETTY. So inspiring. The canals. The narrow houses with white windows. The boats and the boathouses with leather sofas. This picture says it all.

We stayed with our good friends Kim and Virginie who have printed their names in a font which I would describe as “indecent”… hehe They are very lovely of course. You’d love them too.

We ate poffertjes. Tiny puffy pancakes which were very sweet and yummy.

and drank really good Belgian beer (I thought it was Dutch but that doesn’t really matter now)…

In order to burn the calories from drinking too much good beers, we walked and ran around the city quite a lot… I ran up and down every stairs I saw like a 5-year-old.

We did not cycle, as I ahem! preferred to walk… but many others did.

Then while waiting for our food in Chinatown, we saw these cute little ladies in red and purple.

While we were on a boat tour, we were stunned to see the pirates! (blurry pic due to me shaking in fear of course). You know how much I hate pirates don’t you.

As luck would have it, we got away from the pirates unharmed.

These guys below are dressed in orange because the Dutch were to play their first eurocup match the day after. It was sad they did not win. They were very excited about the game. Pubs were buying free beers for every Dutch goal. The tall guy on the right is supposed to be the young Rembrandt.

Then we went to The Hague. There is a wonderful beach there. It’s called Scheveningen.

Van Gogh painted a picture of it when he was there in 1882. This painting was stolen in 2002 and it has yet to be seen again. :(

The beach was beautiful and somewhat majestic but there was another reason I insisted on going to The Hague (we were debating between Utrecht and The Hague). If you have paid enough attention, you’d remember I once told you about this girl I was dying to meet.

I met her.

The Mona Lisa of the North. I saw her and the dream I thought would never come true came true. *s*

I couldn’t be happier, or so I thought.

We went to see this man two days after.

And it was the most inspiring day of my life!

He gave me a fresh breath of life. Just like you do, sometimes. *w*

I just love Amsterdam.


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Hey, there you are.

I haven’t been here in a while,
Still a great blog that brings me joy.
Are you still Screaming?
Are you still in Sweden?

Just thought I would stop by.
I’ll be back soon.


Comment by riggword

oh i miz u bloggin:-) and there you u go with this entry. I love the pictures…and cool adventure huh.

Comment by Ai

Beautiful pictures. I hope I can visit Amsterdam one day.

Comment by bluefish

riggword – thanks for stopping by!

Ai – thank you. that’s so sweet! hugs.

bluefish – amsterdam is really a lovely city… you would want to take a thousand pictures! thank you very much but i think the pictures don’t do it justice!

Comment by lingon

goddag! i enjoy reading your entries. post more beautiful pictures of your travels and of Sweden. if i get around to your part of the world, let’s go have ‘fika’ :)

Comment by Nanie

Nanie – thank you! that’s nice of you to say. yes i’d love a fika anytime! *w*

Comment by lingon

I love Amsterdam. I lived there for 6 months back in 1995 or 1996…..yeah….Had some good times there, most of which I remember.

Comment by DaDuck

DaDuck – oh lucky you! hehehe most… it’s all good.

Comment by lingon

The pictures describe Amsterdam perfectly. One of my favorite cities of ALL time….I loved living there and met my honey there too so it’s extra extra special. :p

Comment by dish

[…] Dear my precious little blog […]

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