Screaming in Sweden

The Kakklubb Philosophy
May 19, 2008, 11:13 pm
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This kakklubb thing is getting on my nerves. Kakklubb literally means cake club. You see kak is from the word kaka which means cake (cookie), but according to a Swede I know, it can also mean to poo.


That aside, Swedish people are shy. The myth that they are reserved is no longer a myth to me. Swedish people may defend that. They are just being polite they say, or they respect other people’s privacy. Or they prefer to check the water temperature before jumping into it.

Moreover, Swedish people are robotic. Like a bunch of non-verbal androids working diligently at a space station. They like timetables, agendas, lists of things, processes, rules and regulations, schedules, plans, itinerary, bullet points…

Swedish people are so shy and robotic that they need to have a freakin k.a.k.k.l.u.b.b at work. The idea of a kakklubb is to eat cake, in a fair and just way. Every member gives and takes equally. Members take turn to bake cake and then bring the cake to work so that they can have coffee and cake with the rest in the club. Non-members are therefore not allowed to eat the cake (because they don’t contribute).

Members also get a reminder when it is their turn to bake.



Swedish people create a by-invitation-only-club to document how they could show kindness to one another without giving more than they get back.


Fairly robotic enough.

The creative photo by Lisa Kettell

The grass is greener with daisies
May 13, 2008, 10:24 pm
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Hi. I’m back and I’m sorry I have not been writing.

The weather has been so wonderful these days that it feels almost sad sitting inside doing blogs. But I promise myself I have to be productive today. Get the photos up on my flickr, wash those towels, do blog about the spring flowers and beers on the green grass.

This is what spring is to me.

And beer tastes so much better when the sun shines.

Even my bag once owned by another gets to lie in the sun a little. The bag doesn’t have a name yet. I don’t think I would like naming my bags. Anyway I think it was having the time of its life.

It is forbidden to sit on that pretty grass full of daisies but we did not know. The daisies are so pretty that a friend actually tried eating it! Oh how I wish I had that moment she put the daisy in her mouth documented.


If spring doesn’t make one happy…

nothing else does.