Screaming in Sweden

When Swedish people vomit uncontrollably
April 17, 2008, 11:55 am
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I just need to scream.

Why do Swedish people get ill so freaking easily?

It frustrates me. It makes me wonder why.

At work there is at least one person who got sick every week. Or at least one of their kids is ill. And then they have this illness called magsjuka (which is some kind of stomach sickness and which is also like the word for every-single-day) and then they cannot eat and they feel nauseous and they vomit all day long. It seems like the germ spread around the whole Sweden mainly via freaking daycare centres.

People are constantly ill here. Swedish people must have the most vulnerable stomachs in the whole wide world. Besides magsjuka Swedish people who love to travel also very often exchange their experiences with diarrhoea when they are abroad.

Even the national statistics agree with me. According to this study by the Socialstyrelsen or the National Board of Health and Welfare:

“… when answering the question “How do you rate your general state of health?” – equal proportions of both genders report that they have poor or very poor health”


And it just seems to me that everyone talks about magsjuka just as much as they talk about the weather. They say they consistently change the sheets and clean the floors because apparently you have no control over when and where you are about to vomit.

I may sound like an idiot but it just sounds so damn strange to me. I mean I don’t ever get that sick. Because the only time I vomit is when I make myself vomit (by sticking my fingers in my throat).


Maybe I am just very freaking healthy.


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Strangely enough stomach-problems have been the main reason among my Thai students to miss exams this year…

And I think you are correct about the daycare-centers. One of them in Uppsala started with alcohol-dispensers for washing your hands and reduced sickness by 25%.

Comment by Tobias

Hehe maybe the Thais are adapting a bit too well with the life in Sweden.

Wow 25% is a lot! It doesn’t make sense they don’t do that at all daycare centers here. Thanks for your support ;)

Comment by lingon

I’m Sweddish! I was born there and came here when I was 8 months. I don’t get sick, but my parents usually do. I think it’s the climate shift or territory. Some Swedes don’t ajust well to US, weather and climate… I don’t know


Comment by richie ehrenstrom

I dont appreciate your generalization of my peoples immune systems sir. I simply Don’t.

Comment by Gunnar

Haha, wtf?
Are you overreacting or something?
It’s been ages since I (or someone I know) had magsjuka.
I’t can’t be THAT common?

Comment by Josefin


Comment by nannerpus

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