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How to pamper your boy and get what you want
March 12, 2008, 11:41 pm
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I wonder how.

Then yesterday I came up with the world’s most amazing plan. Inter was playing against Liverpool that night. It was a perfect evening.

First, I chopped some vegetables. Tomatoes, some greens, onions and cucumbers. I am really not a fan of onions, particularly red onions, but this was not my night.

And then I also bought some burger bun. The real thing with those little sesame seeds on top.

So I began frying some hamburger meat. Make sure we have loads of fat here… *w*

And when that was done, I started putting them altogether on a plate. Just because I love pampering Him so much, I made Him three freakin burgers. One for meself.

PS: Well the truth is He asked for three burgers.

So then I took out some grilled potatoes from the oven, added some more greens, and WA LA!

There you go. Piece of cake to get what you want. He was in His happiest mood staring at His the dinner. And football’s on the menu.

I thought to myself, this is really the world’s most amazing plan. I was so proud.

Oh don’t forget that we always need something to go with burgers…

And the results?

Inter lost to Liverpool one-nil. Such a shame.

And the real winner in the end of the day – Me. Me and Me.



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The burgers look good.

Comment by TheDeeZone

TheDeeZone – Thanxx ;)

Comment by lingon

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