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Distracted by the smell of hot chocolate and farts
March 7, 2008, 1:43 pm
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I can be quite distracted.

I went to the gym yesterday. I usually join in a group step workout where people stand close to one another. It is also a type of workout where you have remember simple sequence of moves. And I think it is fun to jump around. This is one of the rare opportunities where you find a group of people jumping around some kind of plastic board to pop music and no one laughs. So yesterday, one of the girls jumping next to me farted at some point or another.

It could have been the world’s most disgusting fart.

And it is distracting.

Then, there is a boy at work this week who is on an internship with us. He has the same first name as Gene Hackman and the same last name as Robin Carlsson, the Swedish singer better known as Robyn, who shares the same last name as one of my colleagues Thomas Carlsson.

So, this younger Carlsson in the office loves hot chocolate. He also likes to drink it hot. I know because I can hear him sipping his hot chocolate very well every now and then.

And it is distracting.

But it smells really good.

I know I am not getting anywhere with this post but now my brain is associating the smell of hot chocolate with the smell of farts.


By the way, this girl known as “Art and Ghosts” is such a talented artist/illustrator. Her work is intriguing. She inspires me.

Jennifer, originally uploaded by Art and Ghosts.


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Intriguing to say the least.
I agree, what interesting eyes and the background,wow!

Hello again, I’ve been following your blog and I still think you have the coolest blog name and some of the most fun post that I read.

I hope I haven’t scared you form my blog with all of the American political stuff…we all get caught up in it. I have a new post however that I think you might like. It is about our conscience and where it comes from. I’d like to hear what you have to say about it. When you get a chance come over and read it at:

Thanks for the pictures and I encourage you to keep blogging.

Comment by Rigg

not to sure how I feel about chocolate and farts being in the same post;) But I do hate it when someone farts at the gym because there isn’t any place to run when you are dressed in that attire.

Comment by daduck

Rigg – Thanxxx! I promise to look at your blog when I’m done drying my hair ;)

daduck – Hehe :)

Comment by lingon

Hello again screaming,

Are you still in Sweden/
Are you till blogging?

just checking in.
I’ll check back

Comment by riggword

[…] Distracted by the smell of hot chocolate and farts […]

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