Screaming in Sweden

The smell of a scream must be irresistable
March 27, 2008, 11:40 am
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I just need to post this again. These are the search terms people have used to get to my site.

I don’t know what to say.

People just seem to like smelling things…



Here is a present for the one who loves smelling mom’s knickers. A bushy purplish one, too *grins*


And yes, may I add, I think most Chinese I know like Swedish stuff.

Original picture here.



So little time so much to do I’d rather spend my life with you
March 18, 2008, 8:55 pm
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It snowed and snowed last night. The whole city was covered with pretty white snow this morning. That made me happy. At least it felt different. Maybe that was because the sky was blue and the sun was shining all day. And the wind had not messed my hair up when I got home.

That aside, I wish I had at least an additional 5 hours a day to do all those stuff I had wanted to do since the 90s. You know stuff like organizing old photos, getting old photos and pictures framed, putting old recipes together in a scrapbook (maybe)… etc.

It makes me think of this song I used to love.


Please help me find Hotel Chevalier
March 18, 2008, 2:42 pm
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I’m dying to watch this short film.

Since I am absolutely in love with Darjeeling Limited.

Does anyone know where I can download Hotel Chevalier?

I could not find it at iTunes Store *sobs*

How to pamper your boy and get what you want
March 12, 2008, 11:41 pm
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I wonder how.

Then yesterday I came up with the world’s most amazing plan. Inter was playing against Liverpool that night. It was a perfect evening.

First, I chopped some vegetables. Tomatoes, some greens, onions and cucumbers. I am really not a fan of onions, particularly red onions, but this was not my night.

And then I also bought some burger bun. The real thing with those little sesame seeds on top.

So I began frying some hamburger meat. Make sure we have loads of fat here… *w*

And when that was done, I started putting them altogether on a plate. Just because I love pampering Him so much, I made Him three freakin burgers. One for meself.

PS: Well the truth is He asked for three burgers.

So then I took out some grilled potatoes from the oven, added some more greens, and WA LA!

There you go. Piece of cake to get what you want. He was in His happiest mood staring at His the dinner. And football’s on the menu.

I thought to myself, this is really the world’s most amazing plan. I was so proud.

Oh don’t forget that we always need something to go with burgers…

And the results?

Inter lost to Liverpool one-nil. Such a shame.

And the real winner in the end of the day – Me. Me and Me.


Distracted by the smell of hot chocolate and farts
March 7, 2008, 1:43 pm
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I can be quite distracted.

I went to the gym yesterday. I usually join in a group step workout where people stand close to one another. It is also a type of workout where you have remember simple sequence of moves. And I think it is fun to jump around. This is one of the rare opportunities where you find a group of people jumping around some kind of plastic board to pop music and no one laughs. So yesterday, one of the girls jumping next to me farted at some point or another.

It could have been the world’s most disgusting fart.

And it is distracting.

Then, there is a boy at work this week who is on an internship with us. He has the same first name as Gene Hackman and the same last name as Robin Carlsson, the Swedish singer better known as Robyn, who shares the same last name as one of my colleagues Thomas Carlsson.

So, this younger Carlsson in the office loves hot chocolate. He also likes to drink it hot. I know because I can hear him sipping his hot chocolate very well every now and then.

And it is distracting.

But it smells really good.

I know I am not getting anywhere with this post but now my brain is associating the smell of hot chocolate with the smell of farts.


By the way, this girl known as “Art and Ghosts” is such a talented artist/illustrator. Her work is intriguing. She inspires me.

Jennifer, originally uploaded by Art and Ghosts.

KL shopping for beginners
March 6, 2008, 6:45 pm
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So I have been really busy lately telling people about how my trip in Malaysia went and sharing tips and stuff like that.

I have had enough of repeating myself.

*pulls hair out*

Over and over again.

So let me document my tips on shopping and eating out in the KooLest city in the world here.

To start with, shopping malls.

Where you can find almost everything. From pink frilly knickers with hearts all over it to shower curtains with purple elephant prints.

– One Utama
– Mid Valley Megamall / Gardens
– Pavillion
– Sungei Wang
– Suria KLCC

Great shopping area with nice little boutiques.

– Sri Hartamas
– Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

Flea markets.

– The Curve (Saturdays and Sundays)
– Mont Kiara (Sundays)
– China Town

Eating out the Malaysian way.

– Sri Hartamas Square
– SS2, Petaling Jaya (wai sek kai in Cantonese)
– Jalan Alor
– Jalan Ipoh (nice dim sum)
– Pantai Seafood
– a Tom Yum restaurant in Damansara Perdana has the spiciest Tom Yum in the world *yum*
– and not forgetting the Mamak stalls (though I won’t go there myself LOL)

Note that if you’re a Swede looking for authentic home cooked Swedish food in Malaysia, you’d be happy to know more about a restaurant called Puzzini. They have the best Tom Yum pizza in the world.


PS: Tom Yum is really not a Malaysian dish. I just can’t stop thinking about it today *s*