Screaming in Sweden

Mysiga tanter
February 25, 2008, 10:43 pm
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I decide to name this post in Swedish because I am now back in the country where most people speak the Swedish language.


Mysiga tanter are cosy little old ladies. At least that is what I like to think it means.

Swedish is a fun melodious language. You kinda have to sing when you speak to sound like them Swedes. I guess that is why most Swedish people I know like to sing a lot.


Mysig is one of my favorite Swedish words. It means nice and warm and cosy and snuggly and mmmmm… It is a word that makes me feel nice and warm inside.

A word that makes me happy.

By the way, I also like the word tidningarna which means ‘the newspapers’ because it sounds funny.

So anyway, I read a really mysig article in the local newspapers yesterday.

It’s called Älskade tant (or Beloved ‘old’ lady) by a Sunday columnist, Elin Wrethov.

“Jag hoppas att någonstans, i en 50-talstapetserad lägenhet, sitter tanterna samlade och bidar sin tid, planerar sitt maktövertagande. Med kaffe i finporslinet, rulltårtor på borden och skafferierna bunkrade till bristningsgränsen med termosar och skorpor diskuterar de strategier för sin comeback.

En dag är de redo. En dag haspar de från säkerhetskedjan, öppnar dörren och tågar ut, en hel armé röda baskrar, tanter iklädda fotriktiga skor, med paraplyer och brödkavlar i händerna, höttande med fingret åt alla mobilpratande slynglar, nedbantade snärtor, griniga 40-talister och ungar som inte lyckats fostrats av någon Nannyjour.”

It makes me think of pretty things.

Like those stubborn little old ladies living in their own little world. They have got to be the happiest people on earth. Happily grumbling about the material world and the people living in it today.




And it makes me think my beloved little granny who will be 78 in 30 days…

Ah ma is as tough as old boots and she’s still going strong. Hehe.

And it makes me happy.

Stolen pictures from here, here and here.


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I’m a silent reader of your blogs..hehhe! nice blogs out here. Kudos to you!

Comment by Ai

Thanks Ai! :)

Comment by lingon

Your grandma looks young and pretty.

Comment by chelsea

[…] ah ma running around and checking on us worrying that we don’t have enough food on our dinner plates. she is always too busy to sit at the table and eat. mommy eating prawns and fishes and papa asking for more chilis. daniel laughing because i would say something silly. […]

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