Screaming in Sweden

I am disgusted with the colour of my skin
February 13, 2008, 12:46 pm
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and I’m at… you know what.

Being a middle class Chinese living in Malaysia makes me feel guilty, ashamed, frustrated.

It has become more apparent as each day passes that I’m served by the other races – the Malays and the Indians. The taxi drivers, the security guards at our overpriced residential area (dominated by Chinese families), the waiters, the cleaners, the gardeners, the garbage collectors, the maids – are all non-Chinese.

And what do we Chinese people do?

We eat. We happily pay RM500 for a piece of abalone and RM300 per month for the service of a live-in maid.

We buy. We show off our designer shoes, watches and bags.

And we bad mouth the other races.

We avoid going to places like Brickfields because it’s home to the Indians, or Chow Kit because it’s full of Malays. I’ve been warned not to go to Chinatown and “all those kind of areas” because it’s full of immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. Most of my Chinese friends told me not to go to KLCC because it’s now swarming with the Arabs.

– It’s dangerous.

– But I want to take some pictures.

– You’re asking for trouble.

“Geli lah,” says some.
in other word.

But they are my friends.

It disgusts me.

Almost like those seconds after I chomped on these…


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You should feel good that you can recognise the hypocrisy that exists in this discordant world.
Thank you!

Comment by Winslie Gomez

same with me also,im a malays,but when sit wit my fren chinese pll look to me like im doing somthing just sit wit them,the malays fren will say..why you join pll like that..they cannot be trusted..the will cheat u if they get chance..all the bullshit..i believe in bangsa malaysia,i believe that ppl will do the bad thing not because their races,they do because they are bad.!!!
and hope u can be fren wit me.

Comment by helplineenterprise

Thanks for your comments. I have tried to spread the meaning of “muhibbah” (being sensitive to other ethnicities) when talking to my friends. But it’s difficult to do that coming from a Malaysian living abroad. People don’t like it either when you discuss about these things and you don’t actually live in the country.

Like mind your own business lah… *hmm*

I’m lucky to be in Sweden where muhibbah seems to be the common theme amongst us Malaysians… :)

Comment by lingon

ya..good luck at sweeden..and the same time hope wish me luck to live in MALAYSIA now..pilihraya so so so pening

Comment by helplineenterprise

I used to know a couple Malaysians (Chinese) from a chat room. They always have tons of stories about other ethnics in their country. I never been to Malaysia, thus, I don’t understand the situation. Is is a serious racial matter?

Comment by Bluefish

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