Screaming in Sweden

Some uncles are funny
February 11, 2008, 5:53 am
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Guess what?

I’m at Mid Valley again. Sipping my coffee at Starbucks.

Time flies when you have fun. This is already the beginning of my final week in Malaysia. I will soon be back to that windy city. *sighs* The last few days have been full of CNY activities – visiting friends and relatives, receiving lots of angpows, er shopping, drinking, and EATING.

My swimmers don’t fit no more.


And then one day it finally came. The dreaded question:

“Eh… you put on weight ah?”

How do you answer to that kind of question?!?

I simply replied to that stupid “auntie”- “Hou sek hou chu in Sweden mah” or “We are all very well fed in Sweden.”
(PS: Malaysians like calling strangers “Aunties” and “Uncles”)

Hahaha. Yes we are all very well fed.

We Malaysians are kind of rude and blunt. No, really rude and blunt. And exchanging pleasantries is just a waste of time to us. Why asking them how they are when you don’t really care? Or when the whole point of the conversation is to let them know that they have put on weight…

So it makes sense to go straight to the point lah.

“Eh… you put on weight ah?”


Some Uncles are funny however.

Like Uncle Lim, our good friend. A 70 plus year old man playing like a little boy. LOL

And like this Uncle who entertained us the whole time we were eating our breakfast (dimsum at Jalan Ipoh). He literally danced with everything he was selling – bags, cookies, belts, umbrellas…

He really cheered up my day.


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Hi babe,

Hahahaha, Uncle Lim balancing on that thing made my day. Still up to his old cheeky ways hahaha.

Also, all those food pics you posted makes me hungry. Looks really yummy.


Comment by Anders

I don’t know how many times I’ve been called fat by my friends and family members. I feel you.

Comment by Bluefish

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