Screaming in Sweden

I can smell the rat
February 6, 2008, 6:58 am
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It’s the Chinese New Year’s eve today. The Year of the Rat is here.

Shopping malls and the streets are fully decorated with reddish CNY ornaments with rats. You know it’s literally Rats everywhere. Literally.

And here I am again sitting at Starbucks Coffee at Mid Valley doing my thing. Having my cup of latte with hazelnut. Yum. My Mom’s shopping, again. I am going mad I think.




Just look at these people here at One Utama. Everyone’s shopping!!!!

Bah! I’m taking a day off. Shopping malls have become like my second home. I’m so tired of it. I think I have been having too much of the drug. It’s not affecting me anymore. I’m becoming less happy every time I buy something new.

My friends think I am weird, just because I prefer to sit and read the newspapers at a restaurant, sipping my glass of wine while they go shopping.

Or maybe because the nice clothes do not fit me anymore.

I have become a Medium, you see.


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Who are you? This anti-shopping person that has obviously stolen my shopoholic girlfriends mac?

Btw, I like the new red dress you bought, looks nice. I also love the photo of your mum with all the cash, made me smile and remember what a happy she camper she is.


Comment by Anders

Your photos are refreshing as usual. I take a lot of random shots whenever I have a camera within 10 feet. I took over 1,000 pictures when I was in Japan.
I still can’t figure out how to up load them without taking up the whole page. I knew how to do it once upon a time on my old website.

You seem really happy with your guy.
I have a new post or two if you’re interested.

Have fun on your trip, and be thankful when you get back to Sweden.

God Bless

Comment by Rigg

Don’t worry. Your shopaholic girlfriend is back. She’s got some angpows and decided to spend all of them… hehe

Thanks for the nice comments as usual Rob. Have you tried flickr? I used flickr and it’s amazingly easy. If you click on your picture and click “different sizes”, you will see the different “url” for all the small, medium, or large sizes. I normally use “medium” which fits okay on my layout ;)

Comment by lingon

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