Screaming in Sweden

There is no water at the Waterfront shopping mall
February 5, 2008, 6:44 am
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And the connection at Coffee Bean is…

really sloooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww!!!


It’s really frustrating. No Internet.

I miss my life in Sweden.

I miss the Internet. I miss the fresh bread I used to eat every day at work. I miss working out after work twice a week. I miss my swimming classes. I miss being able to walk around the city without being afraid of people snatching your purse. I miss being able to get to places without having to drive.

My drivers: dad, mom (limited routes hehe), and bro.

Most of all, I miss waking up to my favourite boy in the world.

But I don’t want to leave, yet.

I love doing all those “comfort” things with my friends and family. Shopping, eating out, drinking a glass of wine or beer in the middle of the day, being driven just about everywhere.

Friends would pick me up and buy me drinks just because they haven’t seen me for so long. I get to brag about Sweden, the high tax rates, and the welfare state. Such luxury.

Almost everyone I know has fallen in love with my description of Sweden, ironically.

That aside, I am experiencing a real “konsumption ångest” – not sure what you would call it in English. But I guess it feels like walking past a homeless family with your high heels and shopping bags…

I might have to starve for the next months.


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Ohhh, my poor baby who’s lost her freedom to move around. I wish I was there to keep you company. I miss waking up to you too btw.

I think you shouldn’t be to hard on your self with the shopping. It’s cost conscious to stock up while in Msia. The downside is that now I’ll refuse to go to Väla for at least a year, muahaha.

Anyway, I miss you like crazy and survive on a diet of frozen fast food and eggs. It’s no fun to cook without the “kitchen ninja” :( .

Would be fun to see some more pictures of the new house.


Comment by Anders

Btw, where is the Waterfront Shopping Mall? Is it a new one in KL or are you off to Penang or Borneo by now?

Also, as if beeing left all alone in Sweden wasn’t sad enough, I have also caught the winter cold and nowadays walk around with a big red, running, nose. *sob*


Comment by Anders

Poor little Anders. I wish I could be there to serve you. Has it snowed yet in Sweden? Krya på dig!

The kitchen ninja is soon becoming a fat sumo wrestler. I miss cooking too and I miss the time when Mook would play the guitar to entertain Her.

The Waterfront is like 3 minutes walk from the new house. It’s surrounded by a huge park with mini bridges, man-made mini “dry” river, etc… But there is no water. There will also be a sports center with gym, pool, tennis courts, etc. within one year.

Comment by lingon

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