Screaming in Sweden

The post I wrote on the 29th of January
January 31, 2008, 10:43 am
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Maybe I really looked like a helpless woman. Or maybe I looked really tiny with that big black bag of mine. Or maybe people are just really kind and helpful in Denmark. I got off the boat at Helsingör and would have missed my train, if not for those three Danes.

One told me to hurry up, gesturing that I should take the stairs, which was faster than the lift or escalator I supposed. I got my first workout for the day then, dragging that big black bag all the way down those steep stairs. Guy no. 2 just held the door open for me as I struggled with my big bag (it felt like ages before I got to the door). And the third man offered to carry my bag onboard, which I thanked and gently refused his offer (not sure why, I guess I was feeling vulnerable and in dire need to show the world that I could do this all by myself).

This of course refers to dragging my big black bag around, on and off the train, not missing my flight, etc. The whole bit.

I guess I just wanted people to think:

Oh that tough little ninja…


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