Screaming in Sweden

Back to my capitalistic lifestyle
January 31, 2008, 12:05 pm
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I’ve made it!

Yep. I am doing exactly what I’ve imagined I’d be doing –

Sitting at Starbucks Coffee with my little companion, blogging.

But of course I have forgotten that not every country has this high-tech 10 Mbits connection… I was only going to upload 20 photos (probably 1-2MB each), and so far 3 are uploaded since I was here about 75 minutes ago.


*pulls hair out*

And I really want to show those pictures I took while I was flying… I did not sleep at all but ate like five meals within 20 hours.

By the way, my mom called me chubby!!!

Anyway, it was very early in the morning when we arrived at Hong Kong. I was so amazed with what I saw through the window. There were clouds above and below the sun… it was soooooo so beautiful. It made me open my mouth to the two most boring Korean girls in the whole world who sat besides me. I had just got to tell someone.

And all I got was some nod.

So now I am here in this silly capitalistic country. Perhaps I’ve been too long in Sweden, I’m a little overwhelmed by how much stuff you can get here. I have already bought a wee bit too much. All pressies, of course. Not sure how much I have to bribe the check-in guy at the airport this time. Heh.

It’s great because I don’t know what’s left in my bank.

How exciting.
Let’s see when I get back.
Let’s see how chubby I’d get when I get back.



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Hi Baby,
Great to hear that you’r back in your old shopoholic ways ;).

I miss you a lot and I look forward to see more photos and posts.


Comment by Anders

Keep checkin my flickr for more photos… I’m uploading my photos as much as I can every time I’m at Starbucks LOL


Comment by lingon

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