Screaming in Sweden

How to get here
January 18, 2008, 11:26 am
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I laugh every time I look at my blog stats.

It’s such a pleasure to see these search terms people have used to get to my blog… *lol*


My favourites:

. sad coffee sweden

. the simpsons aunt (x 2? hahaha)

Like they always say,

W H A T T H E . . . ? ? ? !


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Hello there,

I like your whimsical style.I have a blog as well and I am trying to find it. If you like you can take a look and leave me a comment at: I would like to know if my blog is working. By the way I have never been to Sweden, but I did go to Japan for two weeks recently.

Keep bloggin,

Comment by Rigg

Hi Rigg! That’s a real nice compliment. Thanx for reading. I am not sure what is wrong, but your post seems to be “password-protected”…

I’ll keep checkin’! ;)

Comment by lingon

Thanks, I;ll check out the the problem.

Hey, I liked some of your pictures. You and your friend remind me of me and my wife. She is Japanese and I am Caucasian; she is the love of my life. We are a little older in our 50s, but we have the same joy and love to walk around on the beach and in the mountains. I may post pictures down the road after I get the blog thing figured out.

I’ll keep checkin’.

Comment by Rigg

Thank you, Rigg. That’s nice of you to say. I’ll keep a lookout for your pictures! I have never been to Japan, would love to someday…

Hajimemashite! :)

Comment by lingon

Hey thanks for trying to connect to my blog.
I think I have it open know without a password.
So far you are the only one other than myself who has tried. If you would like to try it again, that would be nice. Leave a comment if you like, then I will know it worked. My blog is all writing, so far. I am using it as a sort of journal to the world. Just to warn you I am a bit on the conservative side but I don’t always take myself so seriously. I am still a fish eating vegetarian (I love Sushi) and I hate seat belt laws. Thanks for the Japanese words.
By the way how did you end up in Sweden? I liked your post about Malaysia. Is there a follow up coming?

Thanks again and Doso Yolo Shiku….I think?

Comment by Rigg

You mean the randy one? LOL Thanks. I’ll see if there’s a good follow up that is worthy of a post.
The reason I ended up here in Sweden? Try here and let’s see if you can take a guess ;)

Comment by lingon

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