Screaming in Sweden

A story of how I was inspired by the sound of a baby dinosaur
January 16, 2008, 1:00 pm
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This is a true story.

Mook made a cute funny sound last night. It happened after I had a shower, when I stopped by the couch in the living room to kiss Him goodnight.

*ekkkk ekkkk eeeekkkk eeeekkk eeeeeeeeeeek*

It was so homely, such a nice surprise.
I became quite happy.
Almost like I was experiencing an epiphany.

I really wish I could store the sound in a tiny little wooden box that I could keep with me wherever I went. The box would always be kept close to me so that I could listen to it whenever I needed to cheer myself up. Whenever it rained. I know it was just a silly sound. It sounded a bit like what a baby dinosaur would have sounded like, in my tiny little world, of course. *s*

But I just wanted to keep it, play it over and over again until I got sick of it.

It made me remembered this animated movie which I loved when I was a little girl. Corny, I know. But that was how I felt…


I realised today that I could not keep that little sound out of my head. I started looking around the Internet, googling for “baby dinosaur” to search for a similar sound. It was not as easy as I thought.

Then I went into flickr and searched for “baby dinosaur” again.

And then I found the most amazing thing that made my day. A woman who made these colourful mini dinosaurs she called “Dino Dudes” with polymer clay.


And so I remembered that I used to love playing with clay. Playdoh to be exact. I used to make little jewelries like rings and earrings, dolls with tiny dresses, doll house with tiny little chairs and cute curtains with ribbons, mini pizzas, and baby french fries.

I became quite happy.

Now I just can’t wait to get my hands on clay again.



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