Screaming in Sweden

Cheese, foie gras, turtleneck dress, and a bobby pin
January 8, 2008, 11:53 am
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My life is blessed with so many pretty things and nice people.

Last night, I was wandering around the apartment in my bathrobe trying to figure out what I could do before I went to bed. I found these four pretty things that I think deserved more attention than they were getting then.

Virginie and Kim, our good friends who live in Amsterdam, gave us two lovely presents when they were here during the new year holidays. A chunk of Dutch cheese, and foie gras (fat duck or goose liver), its brand is one of Virginie’s favourite.

Thank you!

I love cheese, and I know I am no blue or green cheese girl. But I have never known I could eat so much of this creamy gouda-like cheese… it tastes almost like ice-cream with cognac that melts in your mouth. So precious.

I have also learnt to like foie gras. This one is sitting in our fridge, waiting to be served.

I went from the kitchen to the bedroom. The paper bag on the floor caught me eyes. I took out the content, a cool turtleneck Zara dress – a Christmas present from my favourite boy in the world. I just love the huge collar and how the material feels on my skin…

Last but not least, my yellow ochre bobby pin that follows me around, wherever I go.

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am.



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