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There is something romantic about Vermeer and his girl
January 3, 2008, 3:52 pm
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I have ordered a book today. An old bestseller by Tracy Chevalier.


The book is one of the four books I’ll be receiving as Christmas presents from work. Although with more than 300 books to choose from, they are all in Swedish. Including this one. Translated from English. Sigh. I’m not too sure if I’d ever going to read it really… *s*

But the movie, inspired by the novel, was fantastic, so beautiful and romantic. I’ve been in love with this painting since then. Secretly… as the story goes.

I would love to have that painting known as the “Mona Lisa of the North”. I would hang it with golden frame on my wall, in my bedroom probably. She would be the guardian angel of my room, watching over me when I’m fast asleep. Her pearl earring glowing in the dark… so very seductively. My secret lover at night.

However, I guess this is just an imaginary love affair that unfortunately will never come true. Ever.

Perhaps I should go see her someday… Tell her how I feel.
I know she can be found here in The Hague:




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Once again I find your writing refreshing and fun!
I too have a flair for the arts and romance.
My wife says that she has always dreamt of having a romantic man in her life. We have been married only two years, courted for 31/2 years. I still like to surprise her. I never saw the movie but the picture was intriguing to me as well. The pearl is a beautiful symbol of love created by God. I make Jewelry and I like to use pearls

keep blogging

Comment by Rigg

Thanks Rigg! You’re too kind. You and your wife are very lucky to have each other… You should watch this movie together with wifey someday. You’d love it ;)

Comment by lingon

To me it is necessary to find

Comment by NurbVurpark

[…] I met her. […]

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