Screaming in Sweden

Back to my capitalistic lifestyle
January 31, 2008, 12:05 pm
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I’ve made it!

Yep. I am doing exactly what I’ve imagined I’d be doing –

Sitting at Starbucks Coffee with my little companion, blogging.

But of course I have forgotten that not every country has this high-tech 10 Mbits connection… I was only going to upload 20 photos (probably 1-2MB each), and so far 3 are uploaded since I was here about 75 minutes ago.


*pulls hair out*

And I really want to show those pictures I took while I was flying… I did not sleep at all but ate like five meals within 20 hours.

By the way, my mom called me chubby!!!

Anyway, it was very early in the morning when we arrived at Hong Kong. I was so amazed with what I saw through the window. There were clouds above and below the sun… it was soooooo so beautiful. It made me open my mouth to the two most boring Korean girls in the whole world who sat besides me. I had just got to tell someone.

And all I got was some nod.

So now I am here in this silly capitalistic country. Perhaps I’ve been too long in Sweden, I’m a little overwhelmed by how much stuff you can get here. I have already bought a wee bit too much. All pressies, of course. Not sure how much I have to bribe the check-in guy at the airport this time. Heh.

It’s great because I don’t know what’s left in my bank.

How exciting.
Let’s see when I get back.
Let’s see how chubby I’d get when I get back.



The post I wrote on the 29th of January
January 31, 2008, 10:43 am
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Maybe I really looked like a helpless woman. Or maybe I looked really tiny with that big black bag of mine. Or maybe people are just really kind and helpful in Denmark. I got off the boat at Helsingör and would have missed my train, if not for those three Danes.

One told me to hurry up, gesturing that I should take the stairs, which was faster than the lift or escalator I supposed. I got my first workout for the day then, dragging that big black bag all the way down those steep stairs. Guy no. 2 just held the door open for me as I struggled with my big bag (it felt like ages before I got to the door). And the third man offered to carry my bag onboard, which I thanked and gently refused his offer (not sure why, I guess I was feeling vulnerable and in dire need to show the world that I could do this all by myself).

This of course refers to dragging my big black bag around, on and off the train, not missing my flight, etc. The whole bit.

I guess I just wanted people to think:

Oh that tough little ninja…

Final moments in Sweden
January 28, 2008, 8:25 pm
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It’s Chinese New Year next week and I’m going home. I’m leaving soon… in about 10 hours to be exact. The last time I was home was about two and a half years ago. That’s a long time. I have been feeling really nervous lately about this whole thing so I have spent some money on a pair of Daisy Duck‘s shoes during my final moments in Sweden.


I think it’s okay to spend on pretty things when you’re feeling a little edgy. *w*

Come to think of it, perhaps they look more like Grandma Duck’s shoes.


My Grandma Duck’s shoes… we are totally in love with each other. They fit just like a pair of Converse. At least I would imagine so, as I have never owned a pair of Converse in my life.

My Grandma Duck’s shoes would fit perfectly well on CNY. Just so I’d look taller than most of the clan *w*. And so that we would have something else to talk about rather than the usual:

“So, when are you getting married?”

“What do your parents think about you moving so far away?”

“You live together?! You’re not married, are you?”

“Are you moving back to KL someday?”

or remarks like:

“Oh, you’ve become so fat!”

“Wow, how do you become so fair?”

“You’ve put on some weight, huh? Happy living in Sweden?”

“You shouldn’t wear that dress. It makes you look fat.”

And when I hear those words, I’ll know I’m home. It’s no secret that the middle-class Malaysians are completely obsessed with appearance… (and status, and money, too).

It’s a little ironic because most of us rarely exercise, and we eat like nobody’s business. Especially on CNY… mmmm my Granny’s cooking is the best, alright.

My friend sent me a card today and it reminds me of home.
And my 8am flight. And my final moments in Sweden.

Love her *hugs*

The well padded Mma Ramotswe
January 25, 2008, 1:34 am
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Oooh I’m in heaven. The clock’s past midnight, I should be sleeping already, but I’m in heaven. I mean if there was one, I would have liked to drop by sometimes.


I think I have a newfound love for this witty Alexander McCall Smith’s The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Series. The first one, of course, has been so pleasurable.

The second one is alright, and I did not really like the third book.
In fact, it took me ages to read that one.

Now I’ve just finished reading the fourth title, The Kalahari Typing School for Men, and I have this urge to declare my love for this book.

*wild elephants trumpeting in the bush*

… how I wish that was true.

Just when I thought I would give up reading the series, this book found me.

I’m so glad I read it. It’s so pleasing, satisfactorily leaves me in bliss.

“It was not strong-looking, but she knew that these traditional chairs were well-made and could bear her weight.”

I just love… love, love, love!

It has been a long time since I felt like saying (I did not, have not, and possibly will not): “a good book is my idea of heaven”.

Someone said that once. And for some reason, I remember it so well.

“A good book keeps me awake”. That’s what I would say.

I am strangely wide awake.


Oh no we do not like death
January 24, 2008, 12:27 am
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So, Heath Ledger died. Yes, he did. And I am sorry that he died.

But what do we know, people do actually die every day… Like somewhere in this big, big world, a child dies every five seconds. Just because they are too hungry. But I guess famous hunky people don’t die every day.

Poor boy.


I was a little shocked when I heard the news.
But that is not the point and it doesn’t end there.

Here’s the story:

I came home.
I walked to the kitchen.
I looked at my babies in pots.

And my heart sank.

My poor little cactus.

It’s dead!

*um… except for the little one on the left*

Poor thing. I wish I could put that little green one to sleep. It must be painful for him (it looks like a him) to see the state of his family members.


I turned 27
January 19, 2008, 4:13 pm
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I’ve been a 27-year-old “girl” for almost three days now. Nothing has changed dramatically. I still get to show my ID when buying wine at the bar. I still have that one white hair. My jeans and my bra still fit.

The weather sucks and He has been ill… Poor thing.
But I do have the prettiest birthday presents so far…

And a cute little matching knickers…

I am happy.


How to get here
January 18, 2008, 11:26 am
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I laugh every time I look at my blog stats.

It’s such a pleasure to see these search terms people have used to get to my blog… *lol*


My favourites:

. sad coffee sweden

. the simpsons aunt (x 2? hahaha)

Like they always say,

W H A T T H E . . . ? ? ? !