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I love December
December 18, 2007, 10:19 pm
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There is something about the month December. It is sort of depressing because the days are short. I have greeted the Sun perhaps only twice since December. But maybe it is supposed to be dark. Then the lovely Christmas lights around town would seem brighter. Happier.

Christmas presents have been the topic of conversation this week. I kinda like it. People used to tell me that a good Christmas present is not something you would buy for yourself. But that’s not completely true. I have always picked good presents, I think I do, that I would love to own myself. Even if the present was a men shaver.

I used to think of Christmas as just another excuse to go out dancing with my girlfriends and look at boys.

Christmas is not just another excuse anymore. It’s full of other nuances that I thought I would never know… (N2S: though I won’t mind dancing with my girlfriends.)

Lots of sweets.
Lots of presents.
Lots of candles.
Lots of surprises.
Lots of love.
Lots of time with the closest families.

In Swedish, I’d use the word “mysig” to describe Christmas. Literally means cozy. But it’s a bit more than that, I believe. It’s warm and snuggly and cushy. A bit like a soft furry rabbit snuggling up under its warm velvet blanket.

Hmm. Maybe Christmas is a bit like a tame Chinese New Year. In Hokkien, I’d use the word “lau juak” to describe CNY. I’m not sure what English word would have similar meaning as “lau juak”. It feels a little crowded and warm and loud but in a positive way. Like you simply want to be there because everyone’s there…


Anyway, it’s of course lots of Christmas shopping in December, too.

Mook: What do you want for Christmas?
Troll: Hmm… (lots of stuff that I need) but I think I want a dress from the sixties *s*
Mook: Ok…
Troll: I like polkadots, ribbons, buttons, and everything red…

And it will be a surprise when Troll gets her present.

That’s what Christmas is all about isnt it.


And of course, here’s my pre-Christmas pressie.

Hope you have a cozy Christmas :)


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I know what you mean, I get the same kinda feeling with december. that the fall with the brisk air and the leaves changing colour

Comment by onasundaydrive

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