Screaming in Sweden

Mook says, “Puggy’s home!”
November 26, 2007, 11:54 pm
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Thank you so much.

Paul Valoczi from MacSupport in Lund saved my baby.

Mook was kind enough to go get puggy for me. He came home at around 18:30 today. He said, “Puggy’s home!”

And I felt like I could almost fly… La la la la la

Not having a computer at home was a pain. I had to walk to the bus stop to check the time my bus would leave the next day. I had to watch the news on TV to keep in touch with the world. And I had to look at cooking books to look for new recipe.

OK it was not that bad.

That aside, I’ve been wondering the whole day today – what do people actually do on Sundays anyway? I mean it’s the strangest day of the week, really. You get up late (because you party too hard the day before), and you must sleep early (because you have to work the next day).

Well, last Sunday, we drove to the Väla shopping mall to do some shopping. Gotta spend some money once you get paid, you see. Mook’s idea, strangely. He needed some new clothes, and I just thought I would tag along. So, we shopped and shopped. Mook bought a new pair of jeans that need to be altered, some basic Ts, and a nice stripey sweater. I bought a top in blue and a matching bangle. And two books.

That’s my Sunday. Got lots of new crap and two books. One had millions of pages which I had bought because I thought it looked nice.


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