Screaming in Sweden

Mook says, “Puggy’s home!”
November 26, 2007, 11:54 pm
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Thank you so much.

Paul Valoczi from MacSupport in Lund saved my baby.

Mook was kind enough to go get puggy for me. He came home at around 18:30 today. He said, “Puggy’s home!”

And I felt like I could almost fly… La la la la la

Not having a computer at home was a pain. I had to walk to the bus stop to check the time my bus would leave the next day. I had to watch the news on TV to keep in touch with the world. And I had to look at cooking books to look for new recipe.

OK it was not that bad.

That aside, I’ve been wondering the whole day today – what do people actually do on Sundays anyway? I mean it’s the strangest day of the week, really. You get up late (because you party too hard the day before), and you must sleep early (because you have to work the next day).

Well, last Sunday, we drove to the Väla shopping mall to do some shopping. Gotta spend some money once you get paid, you see. Mook’s idea, strangely. He needed some new clothes, and I just thought I would tag along. So, we shopped and shopped. Mook bought a new pair of jeans that need to be altered, some basic Ts, and a nice stripey sweater. I bought a top in blue and a matching bangle. And two books.

That’s my Sunday. Got lots of new crap and two books. One had millions of pages which I had bought because I thought it looked nice.


I killed my iBook :(
November 15, 2007, 6:35 pm
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I woke up this morning and fell off the bed, right onto my poor baby…


I am totally devastated…. *sobs*

My pet is dead. Poor baby. I am a killer.


The BERSIH rally…
November 13, 2007, 9:41 pm
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… is *air quotes* illegal.

According to some minister in my beloved country, we allow protests but protesting is illegal. Or in his own words: “In Malaysia, there is no point in protesting… ”

He can be also quite *air quotes* emotional, repeatedly accusing Al-Jazeera of:

1) siding the opposition parties, which “don’t believe in democracy”
2) having “early perception” – I guess he meant prejudgment ;)
3) “projecting Malaysia as a undemocratic country”

Watch out. He can be quite sarcastic, too.

Manglish warning! Luckily, some people are kind enough to publish the “transcript” of the interview here.

*pulls hair out*

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! There… there… he made me screamed. Literally.

Been spending the past three days reading every news, every blogs written about the huge 10 November rally in Kuala Lumpur organized by BERSIH, an independent organization pushing for electoral reform.

This is how I feel… all at the same time:

I’m proud!
Because this is huge! What am I doing here? I have probably missed one the proudest moments in the Malaysian history. Finally, Malaysians challenged and the government felt it. Despite many warnings and threats from the government, at least 30,000 people got up that day and went through every trouble to get to the rally. This is definitely one of the biggest public protests we’ve seen in decades.

Yet frustrated
Most people still don’t get it… Most people I know are only reading and watching the government propaganda – The Star, NST, NTV7, RTM, you get the point. In the Parliament, during Q&A time, people were discussing how RTM should fix the “wrongly projected scenes” during the rally by international news channels, in particular Al-Jazeera. And I’m frustrated because we’d be better off having monkeys running our country!

*scratches the right armpit*

*now the left*

But at least it’s kinda entertaining
The Malaysian media responses so far (or lack of):

1) This rally is illegal
2) The police has been “gentle” by spraying chemical-laced water to disperse the crowd
3) This rally is an act of the opposition parties to win more votes in the coming election (in fact, BN members was asked to join the rally but they refused)
4) This is the opposition trying to get the royalty into politics
5) Who wants to demonstrate lah? Create traffic jam only…

It will be interesting to see what comes next.

Here are some photos by niknazmi *s*

What do you eat for breakfast?
November 5, 2007, 8:33 pm
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It’s Monday again, well, soon over, but still… I’m having aches everywhere (I jogged!). Feels like I’m growing older every day…

I just can’t wait till tomorrow – the minute after I get up in the morning, the minute I eat my breaky. These days, I’ve been eating one boiled egg with a glass of orange juice with added vitamic C each morning. I couldn’t help wondering what people eat for breakfast so I googled “breakfast” and then, as if the God of Google knew what I wanted – I found this photographer, Jon Huck

This photo set of his is so pretty – it’s totally brightened up my Monday! :)



If I was in Malaysia, I’ll be eating one or two pieces of those sweet sugar-coated biscuits in squares (I’ll try to look for a picture), and a cup of hot local coffee. How I missed those days. Oh well.

So, what do you eat for breakfast?