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Sometimes a cup of hot chocolate may just save your day
July 17, 2007, 11:54 pm
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I’m just really annoyed today. Annoyed at disrespectful people. Some people who believe they are the only ones who matter and who can’t take a joke. Arrogant, angry people, in other words. With a slight hint of racism (without me being overly sensitive). And I’m serious. You know who you are.

*runs out to the kitchen and makes a cup of hot chocolate*

*back to my nice comfy bed… mmmm*

That aside, our new office cleaners are obviously working very efficiently and are putting away our coffee mugs every single day. So people have to run to the kitchen to get their mugs each morning. I’ve been hiding my overused tea err glass for days now, and they finally found it last night!! Grrrr…

I mean, it’s obvious that I’d hidden it on purpose. It was standing oddly in one of my shelves. And I even had a bottle of hand lotion which I thought could obscure the glass. Boy was I wrong.

Sigh. I’ll try a new trick then. I’m sticking a “Please do not touch” note on it.

OH – my mommy and daddy are visiting soon! Yay… In just 2.5 weeks! Haven’t seen them for ages, I wonder if I’m taller than my dad now…


T: So, what’s up with Malaysia?
M: Uh, nothin much. Just been arresting people.
T: Ahh you mean that Indian girl who refused to convert to Islam…
M: Yeah, we tried forcing her to eat some beef but she refused that too.
T: Oh really. But um… why… um I mean she’s a Hindu, isnt she…

M: Aiyah! Her parents Muslims. That’s why she’s, by law, Muslim. Once Muslim, forever Muslim. How can convert… Summore marry a Hindu. Kurang ajar betul!

T: …

Our so-called democratic country, with free imprisonment I suppose. And we are not supposed to talk about it… when it comes to religion (ie a sensitive issue, duh!), better k.e.e.p.t.h.e.m.o.u.t.h.s.h.u.t.

There’s been a lot of public debate about the high profile murder trial though… Everyone seems to be talking about it. Each morning, everyone quickly grabs the newspapers, flipping through it to find that must-read case updates.

So, if you’re reading and have a minute…
PS: Thanks Shareen for the link!

mmMMmmMMMMm love chocolates…


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