Screaming in Sweden

sorry but im just too freakin tired…
July 14, 2007, 12:38 am
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ok im tired n a little tipsy n lost 40kr on bloody poker games with friends… lol im so bloody tired im watching silly conie n im not laughin. he’s not that FUN anymore. well he is probably but im so freaking tired u see. im so tired i cud sleep right now but i just cant. the upper half of my head is tired but the lower half isn’t. strange it may sound but heck im bloody tired. i walked home all the way from slottshöjden, quick as hell, as i was afraid of getting mugged or stabbed. i had 112 dialled on my “last call” so if anything wud happen i cud have just pressed “call”. im so tired but i cud still think for my own sake i guess. it’s saturday tomorrow n im all alone. plannin to go for a shopping spree in malmö but i guess i’d be too tired for that. i’ll see. perhaps it’d be sunny so i’d sunbathe on the lawn outside. it’d be perfect for a tired day. i have a few chapters left on my book but i guess im just too tired to read. i guess im too tired to write anything that makes any sense right now. ok stop reading u guys. im just too tired….


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