Screaming in Sweden

Can you beat me? :P
June 15, 2007, 10:29 am
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*light bulb*

So, instead of constantly complaining to Him that no one reads my blog anymore, perhaps I should just write a post.

The biggest thing ever happened to me these few weeks must have been when I broke the Wåckner’s Shrimp-Eating-At-One-Go-Record…


The previous WSEA1G record stood at 53 shrimps.

And my record?

F.r.e.a.k.i.n.g 60 shrimps at one go!


Now, add three pieces of toasts with butter, a dozen of fresh Swedish strawberries and a few glasses of wine to that. That’s how much I could actually eat, I found out later.


And I’m feeling bloated every day since then… D-U-H

OH – and summer has finally arrived in Sweden! Can’t help but noticing an abundance of skinny bikini babes paired with their surfer dudes strutting their stuff like nobody’s business at every little corner in this city.

Err… that’s last week’s news. It’s been kinda gloomy this week. Just grey.

I’ve just read something that annoys me to bits… you know, things that make me pull me hair! GRRRRRRRRRRRR….

Will post soon, I promise.