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What would an ant do?
May 25, 2007, 2:35 am
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I feel like an ant sometimes. So tiny in this crazy big world. I feel like I’ve come to point where an ant finds itself standing on a hill of candies… Where should I begin? The huge juicy one with sugar coating or the little one with caramel oozing from the center?

Too many decisions that have to be made.

Of course that would overwhelm some people. Like the Works Minister in Malaysia who recently won some huge publicity for a “leaking Parliament”, which has just been renovated not long ago.

Yup, our Parliament is going down if we don’t do immediate maintenance works on it, says our wise Minister who also headed the renovation project.

Just like women in their 50’s… , continues the witty Minister who are always full of humour.

*pulling hair out*

I was browsing the local newspapers for the exact quote of what this guy actually said, but what was I thinking… It’s, of course, more interesting to do several reports on “caddy chicks” than one on Cabinet meetings.

Meanwhile, I begin to find out and understand that it’s okay to make such comments at our Parliament. Since, of course, we’ve elected some pretty broad-minded representatives.

So yeah *rolls eyes*, anyway, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry believes that interracial marriages cause marital problems and cheating among men.

In her own words, “Chinese men did not want to marry women with bigger income and higher qualification than them because of ego, and the contrary applies to Chinese women.”

Hmm… that’s deep. *scratching head*

Seems like we’re in a big trouble. But that’s alright, the problem can be easily solved.

In her own words again, “If this (referring to gender equality) cannot be accepted, men have to study hard.

If I were to pull my hair out everytime I read comments like these, I’d literally turn botak. Should we Malaysians just laugh at it, like we always do, and ignore our erm ignorance and stupidity? Should we take pride in our tidak apa (do-not-give-a-damn) attitude in this case?

Aiyaaaa… He just joking lah. Middle aged women you want ah? Women must do man-teh-nence one. Otherwise turn like Pah-li-men.

Go botox! *cheers with pom pom*

So the ant example didn’t really make sense. But after all this, what does?

Or so you may ask, what am I doing up again in the wee hours? Well, read The Star or NST and you’ll probably know how I feel.