Screaming in Sweden

April 26, 2007, 3:36 am
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What do you do if you get up in the middle of the night (0300) and just can’t go back to sleep again (because you keep thinking about you gotta get up for work soon)?

You switch on the telly and read some news on teletext. You watch a couple of the most viewed videos on YouTube. You call your mom who’s living on the other side of the world (just perfect timing). You drink lots of water just so that you can get outta bed and get more and more water. You read an article in the latest Newsweek, or a chapter in the book you’re currently reading. You internet shop. You look around you and start imagining things. You talk to yourself. You blog.

So these are just really wild ideas based on personal experience. So be very inspired!


Just as inspiring as shopping at IKEA. You see how the professionals put it altogether and make it work and then doop! (I mean the *lightbulb* of course) – Ahhh… that’s where we can have our black Nessie monster lookalike thingy!

ikea monster

Or our 90cm tall banana fibre thingy…

banana fibre

And do you know that wild bananas have large hard seeds?

wild bananas

Isn’t that inspiring? *open eyes widely*

At least now I can try going back to sleep with wild ideas in my head…


Windy Headline
April 19, 2007, 10:02 pm
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There is only one excuse that I haven’t been writing for a while – the wonderful sunny weather for the past couple of weeks. I like that. Anyway, I like it when something does happen. I like it when I’m fueled with emotion. Be it happiness, anger, fear or sadness. To keep things nice and short – the wind nearly blew me away today, and I was soaked (and very mad). Such a nice little city we all live in…

I imagine the wind blowing my apartment away, anytime now. I hear the wind going wild outside – just as annoying as my alarm clock. The bedroom door is constantly slamming into the wall but I’m just too glued to my bed to get up and shut the door. He’d come to bed soon and He’d shut it good. *s*

Anyway, it wouldn’t be such a nice experience if the apartment fell apart now. I’d freeze my arse off – since I’m so ready for bed. And the fact that we live on the 3rd floor doesn’t really help either. I would be too slow to escape. Partly because I’m glued to my bed and partly because deep down I don’t believe that such tragic incident would happen to me.

“Wilson Park – Gone with the Wind”
Friday, 20 April: Residents in Helsingborg woke up in shock today. The topic of discussion at every breakfast table this morning was – what’s happened to Wilson Park. Wilson Park is gone, blown away… A woman was just getting ready to go to bed, “My bedroom door slammed with a bang. I got up and the floor didn’t feel right. It wasn’t long before I realised I was walking on a tilted, cracked floor…

That would be some headline.

BUT I SURVIVED! Or so it seems…

*door slams with a loud bang*

*gets up and shuts the door for good*

Now, it’s well past the bedtime for a little woman who just loves waking up to Fridays…