Screaming in Sweden

By my own confession
March 22, 2007, 10:39 pm
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It’s been a month since my last post and I thought, damn it… that’s it. I’m gonna stop blogging. I’m just too preoccupied with my “real life” that I’m losing my other unfortunate twisted life. *sighs*

So I went and looked at my so-called Blog Stats. And WOW! I’ve got as many as 25 views per day!!!!!! *Wooohooooooooo———*

Um wait a sec. Where do all these people come from? I guess the Helsingblog guy bought me some *applause*… or maybe people just happen to google “Screaming in Sweden” when they get bored? O_o

me shoes

The real life could never be better (=Pay day tomorrow!). He would squeeze da hell outta me – but I’ve bought the cutest pair of shoes today. *tee-hee* How sweet. Awwwww……

That aside, for more than a month now – I’ve been listening to The Ark. In case you’ve been away from Sweden for the past few weeks, they are of course the happy (or if you fancy, gay) winners of the Melodifestivalen (ie the Swedish finalist going all da way to Finland in May to compete in the greatest event of the year – Eurovision Song Contest… *phew!*).

In fact, 4 million Swedes were watching the final last Saturday. Almost half of the Swedish population. I was of course one of them… sad to say.

Troll: I have a confession.
Mongo: *stares blindly*
T: I’ve become a little too Swedish for my taste.
M: *rubs eyes*
T: I don’t know why but I’m always choosing gray or black over the others. I shop at H&M, MQ, Gina Tricot, Vero Moda, IKEA… and I’m using too much hairspray that my hair’s turning white! I recently got very excited over Melodifestivalen, a documentary of Göran Persson’s life as a prime minister… I eat at least 5 times a day (one of the meals consists of a banana)… *noise noise*
M: *yawns*