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Sepet-eyed or silly creases
February 10, 2007, 5:49 pm
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too nasty for the eyes

The Information Minister, Datuk Zainuddin Maidin, recently stated that “the number of Pan-Asian models would be reduced on television.”

Two things bug me to bits here.

Pan-Asian? Now what exactly did he mean by that? Well, of course, as a Malaysian myself, I am completely aware that the term is inaccurately, but very commonly so, used to mean Asian people with ‘mixed parentage’ looks, usually also known as ‘Eurasian’. Or the magic word ‘international’, depending on where you’re coming from.

Doesn’t the word ‘pan’ when used as pre-fix mean ‘whole, or all’? Of course it does! So that makes the term Pan-Asian ‘everything pertaining to Asian people, values, culture, etc’. Or am I completely spaced out here?

Now that’s one thing.

The other thing is that ‘the move is seen as giving others a chance‘. How generous! So, the girl with big eyes and thick curled eyelashes are to be banned so that the brown-skinned Malay or the sepet-eyed Chinese girl get a chance to be on the cover of the local Cosmopolitan. Why, thank you! Yay for us yellow flat-nosed people! Like this movie maybe…

*rolls my sepet eyes*

Anyway, that aside, I can sort of see his point in banning so-called Pan-Asian models in local media since Malaysians in general adore anything associated with the Angmohs. Deep rooted societal inferiority complex from the colonial days, coupled with years of daily dose of Angmoh looking people in the media. Let’s face it. Malaysians perceive an advertisement as being more ‘international’ if you have a model that looks Asian, but with a bit of Angmohs’ qualities. You know lah – white skinned, round eyes, pouchy lips…. It’s higher status, you see. More mah.

*points imaginary gun to head*

Bear in mind though that blond or too Angmoh is a big no-no.
We want it subtly done.

That’s just how sick we all are. Like the people I know who would pay a fortune or go through lots of pain just to get silly creases on their eyelids which don’t fill a bloody function!!!

*releases the trigger lock*

So-called ‘double eyelid’. A term that is almost nonexistent in your vocabulary if you’re not Asian.

Troll: You know, once I was telling Him that a friend of mine just went through a double eyelid surgery (or blepharoplasty if you fancy), and He looked at me as though I just stepped down from an alien spaceship.

There you go.


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Why had I not seen your blog before!?
I’ve now linked to you from me.
Nice one.

Comment by Mark Base

Thanx! I see that I’ve been awarded with an “exclaimation mark” (Helsingborg!) as well. Nice.

Comment by lingon

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